God of Miracles!

God of Miracles

There was never just A “day of miracles” but there IS our “GOD of Miracles” -… His Name Wonderful means FULL of Miracles. — they limited the Holy One of Israel – by not agreeing they were HOLY and CLEAN. Like lepers they said “unclean, sinful, poor, broke and forgetful. Wisdom from the beginning is first Pure -and pure is holy and without sin. Consider your source, “IN the Vine” which is Holiness — the FREE Gift of Christ the Spirit of Holiness and Righteousness as ONE joined IN Him all of our days.

Our view from the Mercy Seat hearing Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Jesus said, “YOU are CLEAN because of the Word I have spoken over you.” Be Holy and Be Perfect as your Father in heaven IS Holy and Perfect. We were made in His image and it is His works and Covenants in place to secure and establish forever that which concerns us.

The Levitical High Priest was instructed “if sin comes into a man’s understanding bring that one back to love, wisdom, and righteousness.” …”they were also instructed to judge your neighbor in Christ/Righteousness and do not lay sin upon your neighbor.” Leviticus 19:15-17

The Spirit of Holiness is the Spirit that raised us UP with Christ out of any grave report, of sin, sickness, poverty or death. 

Also seen as the FREE gift of Righteousness not just a ticket to heaven but a our entrance and door to an abundant life IN Christ.

Luke said after much investigation he was going to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel from the Beginning. Father’s have known Him from the beginning; in a fixed position of rest in perfect Righteousness and Holiness innocent before Him all the days of our lives. … Now His Holy Temple.

Yet I had planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed: how then art thou turned into the degenerate plant of a strange vine unto Me? How then art thou turned? Have you fallen from grace and turned from the light and “think” you see properly? NO you are not degenerate – that would be blind seeing shadows and our eyes need to turn back around to the Light and behold the beauty of His Majesty. Face to Face, Nature to nature, Countenance to countenance we are entwined in truth and grace, with Love abounding and Joy seen on His Face.

If I look FULL into the Sun my shadow is behind me. Jesus came opening blind eyes and deaf ears so we could SEE and HEAR the eternal, invisible Truth with the single eye of His Spirit. HE is the Truth. He cleansed the Lepers so they could say I AM CLEAN and He raised the dead by the power of the Resurrection to SEE the walkway in Holiness with Him all of our days… When the Lamb was slain!! When was the Lamb slain? Before the foundation of the world.

Only one Word – One RX – to repeat HOLY. Repent means to RE – Turn – and change your mind – RE-turn your face to the SON and darkness flees away. … RE- Generated!! When is Truth the truth. When God said it or when you believe it? When God said it!! We believe unto JOY and Peace seeing the soul saved by His grace and mercy with His Goodness following us all of our days! Goodness means upright, just, and righteous in Heart and In Life … who’s heart and who’s life? Our Father’s heart and life eternal and unconditional love.

So let the redeemed of the Lord say so! I am Holy – I am Undefiled – I am Innocent, Perfect, and Pure.

Romans 1:4 & 5:17; Luke 1:1-3 & 75; Genesis 35:2; Jeremiah 2:21; Leviticus 19:15-17; John 15:3,4&5; Mark 14:25; Revelation 14:18&19

Selah – Yes, we can rest with that assurance. 🙂 🙂

Always-N-Joy, Joanne

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Regardless of generation, we are a forgetful people. It may seem counter-intuitive to dwell on the past, but to visit it often is a requirement of gratitude. In a time when forward-thinking is the norm, it can be difficult to see past the nose on our face into the world around us. Reflective thinking is the key to a life of grace and gratefulness. And on what better occasion than the holiday season to step away from the hustle and bustle and reflect on what we already have to be thankful for. Because we forget, gratitude must continually be inspired, uncovered and paid forward! … John Maxwell

Just remembering my family and friends that always give me a reason for the season to be grateful!!

Always-N-Joy, Joanne

That’s MY KING!!

This King was King of Judah – Our praises are always about what OUR God HATH Established…

Jehoiachin means Jehovah Establishes!

For us and in us and forever watches over HIS word perform them. Jeremiah 1:12 Every Covenant is in place not for us to do to get a blessing but to SEE what is holding us in HIS love. A proof and evidence to know His heart for us is secured and assured in grace, goodness, and mercy all of our days.

Jeremiah 52:33 says – He changed his prison garments to Robes of Righteousness and He DID

EAT Unleavened Bread before Him all the days of His Life. Luke 1:74-79 John 6:33, 35, 48

2 Chronicles 30:13, 21 they did EAT with great gladness!

Unleavened Bread — FREE from sin, faults and devoid of leaven of iniquities!!

Oh yeah!! That’s MY KING!!

Always-N-Joy, Joanne

The Whole World is still in His Hands

He quieted the earth with the SOUTH wind.

The whole earth IS AT Rest, IS QUIET: they break forth into singing, gladness, and rejoicing because of JOY. Isaiah 14:7 The JOY of the Lord is that HE HAS rendered UNTO ALL men His Righteousness.

The 12 tribes of Israel are for our edification to know what we have inherited IN Christ by looking at their Names, Banners, Stones, Garments and placement around the Tabernacle at rest; plus so much more!

In the South is Reuben – EYES that see & behold the SON provided for my affliction – Simeon -has the EARS to hear with acceptance & Father is well pleased. Gad – is the overcoming troop that also says whose FORTUNE has comerich toward God and in Mercy and the river/ stream of GOD that makes us glad —-

Oh yeah Always-N-Joy!! Job 37:17… Joanne

Christ IS…The Will of God!

Christ IS…

The will of God WHO will never take you…
Where Christ the grace of God cannot keep and establish you. Where Christ the arms of God cannot defend & support you. Where Christ the riches of God cannot supply your needs. Where Christ the power of God cannot change & endow you.

The will of God WHO will never take you…
Where Christ the spirit of God cannot live & work through you,
Where Christ the wisdom of God cannot inspire & teach you,
Where Christ the army of God cannot surround & protect you,
Where Christ the hands of God cannot hold & assure you.

The will of God WHO will never take you…
Where Christ the love of God cannot flow & be known in you,
Where Christ the mercies of God cannot maintain & sustain you,
Where Christ the peace of God cannot calm your storms & fears,
Where Christ the authority of God cannot protect & overrule for you.

The will of God WHO will never take you…
Where Christ the comfort of God cannot dry your tears,
Where Christ the Bread and Wine of God cannot feed you,
Where Christ the miracles of God cannot be seen & done for you,
Where Christ the omnipresence of God cannot stand & cause you to triumph over all for you.


Joanne Patek

Holy or Profaned?

You shall know the Difference between the Holy and the profane. Holiness is the Tree of Life. Hope of Holiness “someday” makes the heart sick. The root word for profaned is to become sick – weak – diseased – grieve – wounded. He became ALL of that for us so we could stand HOLY and on HOLY ground. Stand your Ground!!