Graveyard Dead!

What you’re fighting could already be dead IN the GRAVEYARD… He that is dead is free from sin and the NEW Man has been raised UP into newness of His Life which is IN Christ the Spirit of Holiness. The Holy Spirit has, is, and will remain establishing you in Righteousness, Peace and Joy… His Perfect Love!!

Our Heart Beating to the Rythmn of His Love

The Cross of Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection made it all possible for us to rest, sealed with the Kiss of Righteousness and Peace. After seeing with understanding the Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the world; Father placed the Covenant of Mercy and Goodness to be enforced eternally.

The word abiding means to continue and remain united, joined to Him as a branch does a vine. Abiding is something HE DID for us – I simply remain there recovering or should I say uncovering and discovering my true identity.

NOW that is unconditional love sealed with a Kiss of Righteousness and Peace; with His Mercy and Goodness following us all of our days!! Goodness means righteous in heart and in life. Where you treasure IS – THERE your heart will be also. Christ is my righteous treasure and my heart is there IN His perfect holiness to beat to the rhythm of His Love.

Always Where Love Dwells

PEACE TALKS with Always-N-Joy ♥ Joanne Patek

15-minute Connecting right where you are, just as you are. Paradise is always where LOVE dwells ♥ …and LOVE dwells WITHIN us ALL the days of our lives. It is More than just possible to live in Peace – He is the Presence of Love and Prince of Peace abundantly residing IN US.

For a FREE Mp3 of Peace Talk calls; email me, and I will send to you. Every Sunday evening at 9:00pm CST dial in 218-237-0330 and the access code 282746#

Our Feb 5th call was ♥ “Love IS in the Heir!” ♥ To hear the REPLAY message, simply call this Dial-In Number 218-237-0339 and then use access code 282746# then press 10#.