Fixed, Furnished and Finished

The Gospel of Peace is that HE HATH prepared a table for us to feast in the presence of our enemies. We can REST –in this word PREPARE means to order, ordain, SET in a Fixed, Furnished, and Finished place of Rest!! Yep, that is Good News.

His Yoke is Union

NOW … “NO Condemnation” means to separate or put asunder and to punish with condemning judgment. He said, “What God HATH joined together AS ONE let no man put asunder. That is why there cannot be any condemnation IN Christ. We share as a joint heir what Jesus did AS ONE Man to reveal and unveil how we are joined together with Him. JOINED means to be YOKED Together in UNION as one spirit.

Christ is the Healing in His Wings

Christ and array of words

We give thanks that we are ONE with Christ, who is the healing in His Wings. The word “Wings” tells us it is linked to the “hem of His Garment” which is linen. Revelation 19:8 tells us “linen is the Righteousness of the saints.” Christ is right now the Righteousness of God within us. Not just a someday promise but right now to enjoy and rest; knowing that His power and His very healing presence is now HERE/THERE!! Where? In Heavenly Christ ¬†who is the Kingdom of our God. The force of our life and light source is always in all ways IN us. We are rejoicing because He made us glad when His Name that is holy removed our reproach! Walking in a fixed position of rest to be Always-N-Joy … Yes, Our Peace Matters!

Psalms 124:8; & 79:9; Philippians 3:9; Romans 5:17-18 & 14:17; Revelation 19:8

Sanctified Holy

Now in the New Creation Man of God with an eternal Priesthood who cannot pollute or profane what HE has MADE Holy, Sanctified and Clean. Mercy was for UNBELIEF – His Benefit for the Doubt!!

When He Reigns She Pours – Should look like 100% showers of blessings!!

Great Teachers have said, “If God’s requiring it of us then He HAS already provi…ded it FOR US!!” Just found this powerful verse — If we need to Be Born Again … then “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy HAS caused us to BE born again to a living hope through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The Spirit of Holiness raised HIM up out of the grave.” …and we turned and Gave our Thanks unto HIS Mighty Works!!! 1Peter 1:3,23 and Romans 1:4