I am about My Father’s Business

Jesus was and still is about His Father’s business – and we see that in Exodus 12:25 “Keep this Service” the word “service” means business and His wonderful works… Same word seen in Isaiah 28:21; Exodus 12:25 & 36:1 – Keeping the feast of Unleavened Bread also called the sinless Body of Christ when you come into the promised land. ~ I could be dancing! Yes, The “Work” service of Christ Righteousness shall be Peace and calm assurance.

Awe-Full or Awful … You Choose

If once upon a time your life suddenly & without warning, an event, a person, or some unexpected good news suddenly shifted & changed everything for the better … it can only mean one thing. It CAN with “high winds” astronomically happen again & again.

The Good News of the Gospel are High Winds carrying the Message of Blessings to you everyday!! It is Lovely & Some Kind of Wonderful, because our Peace Matters! Awe-Full or Awful you choose … May you see a miracle in your life today, Joanne

Purpose of Heart … My Father’s Business

Purpose means in the Greek New Testament the setting forth and placing a thing “in Plain View” to be seen; also Shewbread which we know to be seen in 2 stacks of 6 (Crucified, Died, Buried, Quickened, Raised, and Seated IN/WITH Him.

Paula Jones you live in Plain View, Ark and Saw… seen in Acts 11:23 Purpose of Heart … Romans 8:28 Called according to Purpose. His Heart IN Plain View with Goodness that returns us to Love. Goodness means to be righteous in our heart and in our life; because of His death and His life He shared and joined us as one with His Spirit of Holiness. Romans 1:4 … Awesome Good News!!

As the Deer Pants for the Water of Life

The predator of the hart also called deer is the panther; and he lurks at the deer’s life source to attack. Water is the life source for the deer, just as it is for us. We hunger and thirst for Christ the righteousness of God our River of Life flowing within to flow out to water the earth.

The scent of the deer is covered when he is IN THE WATER. Your enemy cannot find you hidden in Christ – where the scent of man was lost in the Fragrance Of Christ! Now we can get happy the hart pants for the water!!! Psalms 42:1-2