The Brighter Way …

Walking in Holiness

Christ is the Wisdom, Power, and Righteousness of God.

His throne has been established FTB (from the beginning) in righteousness.

He already judged the world in righteousness; through one man He ordained and his appointed day; even raising Him from the dead. Righteousness delivered us from death.

The High Priest was instructed to Judge your neighbor in righteousness.
In righteousness and holiness before Him blameless all the days of our lives.

Proverbs 8:8 All the words of His mouth are in righteousness.

Solomon means Peace. 1 Kings 3:6 King David was Solomon’s father and God showed unto David His great kindness in mercy and David walked before God in righteousness, in truth and in uprightness of heart.

…it is the Brighter Way.

Acts 17:31; Proverbs 8:8; 11:4 & 25:5; Leviticus 19:15; Psalms 9:8; Hosea 2:19; Luke 1:75

God is FOR them … Still about His Faithfulness

God is faithful to you

The Banquet was prepared FOR them. The wilderness yielded food FOR them and their children. His great goodness which He laid up FOR them. Led them to the place He founded FOR them. Bread from heaven and water FOR them out of the rock which is Christ. His covenants and His mercies He remembered FOR them.

The Book of Remembrance was the record of HIS Faithfulness!!

Now that’s just a small portion of His Peace. Always-N-Joy, Joanne

Nehemiah 9:15; Esther 5:8; Job 24:5; Psalms 31:19; 104:8; 106:45

Continue to Trust Him

Mountain Goat leeping to another peak YIKES you go buddy

Oh the Glory of His Love!!

His throne is and forever shall be established in Christ the Righteousness of God. Proverbs 25:5

He gave us the sound of His Voice from heaven saying, “You are still pleasing in His sight. You shall be far from oppression and you shall not fear and terror shall NOT come near thee.”

Righteousness moved out any and all oppression. Oppressed No More!!

You are GOOD to believe and take this JUMP into Holiness without fear; it is I who draws you near!!

This is His peace that passes all our understanding guarding your heart in His Life! Always-N-Joy, Joanne


Proverbs 8:8; 15:23; Isaiah 54:14; Job 33:23-33; Psalms 9:8; 1 Corinthians 1:17 & 24; Philippians 3:9


Rest from the Days of Adversity

Joy of the Lord is my strength beige

God cares for us so much He won’t miss a single detail.

“We HAVING the same Spirit♥of♥Faith” 2 Corinthians 4:13 …to trust and believe we are HOLY in HIM now not someday! Oh there it is again, the joy giggle!!

Seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness will produce fruit SEEING all these things HE has done and how He added them FOR US. Indeed, there is REST from the days of adversity. He is our Holy Habitation and THERE IN HIS PLACE is nothing to make my heart sick or to defer Christ His Hope. Gratitude is the sign of a noble righteous soul redeemed from the pit.

Giving thanks with joy and gladness, that caused all sorrow and sighing to flee away.

Yes, Our Peace Matters!! Always-N-Joy … Joanne

Forget Not His Benefits

I love it when one word says and reveals so much! “That the Man of God may BE perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all GOOD works.” 2 Timothy 3:17 ~ The Word GOOD means joyful, happy, righteous, excellent, and pleasant.

Blessed are the pure in heart with heart shaped array of words orange background

Pure in Heart to witness His Majesty

Pure in Heart

Everyone of you should know how to possess His life in sanctification and honor.  1 Thessalonians 2:3 & 4:4

The Atonement was made to sanctify YOU holy and consecrate all unto the Lord our God. Now Pure in heart to see God.

God HATH from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: Of Him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. 1 Corinthians 1:30

There is joy and peace when we believe the Truth.

How do I know if I am believing a lie? When you believe a lie it hurts. A stronghold is believing a lie. Identify the lie and replace it with the truth of the Word of God. You can also check what you are repeating? Whose report are you believing? We must know our true identify to know how to walk in our inheritance.

If there is anything God requires He has prepared it for us. John 17:19 …Jesus said, I sanctify Myself so that you can share in My sanctification. Sanctification is the will of God! Christ in you is The Perfect ~ Holy ~ Pure ~ Sacred will of God!! We get to give thanks for what HE has sown for us!! Yes, it is time to REAP His life sown for us.

Pure in Heart with perfect love that removed all fears … leaving us with His Peace that Matters!

The Avenger – Christ in us removed all sin!!

Avenger Jesus

…Having “A READINESS” to Avenge all sin and disobedience.. The righteous have an everlasting foundation. It’s not about what we have to do to become something but what we are already because of His Works and how we got there.

Readiness means all ready prepared and at hand. I like to say All ready already!!

This is That!! John 4:38 “I sent you to reap THAT whereon ye bestowed NO LABOR. It’s time for us to reap what HE HAS sown for us!

In the wilderness they wander around trying to establish their own boasting in self-righteous labor. When they could have trusted the Lord with His Covenant of Mercy that gifted mankind with His nature. Romans 10:3 … “they were ignorant of God’s Righteousness.” Jesus confirmed and ratified the Covenants of God’s Merciful Love.

Now we boast not of things without measure but according to the measure of the RULE; which God HATH distributed to all of us, a measure to reach even unto you! For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision avails any thing, nor uncircumcised, but a NEW creature. Not to boast of another mans line. The Lord said,  “I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people.” He set Himself within man.

RULE means a measuring rod, line, plummet, plumbline, and weight. Christ the righteousness of God IS the rule which measures from the Cornerstone the strong foundation when building. Isaiah 28:16

Even so now with joy we can give way yielding our lives to Him, servants to righteousness in holiness. Now we are justified by the blood of Jesus Christ; and life is in the blood. So, now our life is made righteous by the power of the Spirit of Holiness which is His Life in US! The same spirit and power that raised up Jesus out of the grave in Romans is called the Spirit of Holiness. His life which is holy made us one holy nation. He that is joined unto the Lord is ONE spirit.

Holiness is not a verb it’s a noun. It is the person and work of Christ Jesus our Lord. The Key to the Kingdom is Christ and His Holiness.

The Kingdom of God and of Heaven is Righteousness, Peace and Joy IN the spirit of holiness. That is why James said, Wisdom from above is FIRST Pure. That word PURE means HOLY, Chaste, and pure. The First Fruits are HOLY, Pure and chaste. Not by our own doing but by seeing the wondrous works made, completed, and finished from the beginning and IN the beginning.

1 Corinthians 3:16 “You all need to know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of Holiness dwells IN YOU!”

Christ Jesus IS the Alpha and Omega and we are IN the Beginning and confirmed IN the End.

Yes, Our Peace Matters! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

Proverbs 10:25; John 4:38; Galatians 6: 15-18; 2 Corinthians 10:6, & 13-16; Romans 13:1; 5:17-20 & 10:3; Amos 7:7-8; 1 Peter 2:6-10; Mark 12:10; James 3:17

Why? Because …You’re Facing the Wrong Giant

finding out who God made you to be

Why? Because …You’re Facing the Wrong Giant

I hear frequently, Can you help us communicate? Can you help us understand how to disagree and deal with hurt? I can most of the time, if they are willing to concede to some fun game rules; without quenching the fire of passion and killing the reasons they fell in love.

I think that as women many times we think of our husband as THE ISSUE instead of thinking of them as the man that we love. He is human, will make mistakes, and does forgets things. Just like we do ladies. We can apply this to parent-child, manager-coworkers and in most up close and all personal relationships. That would be like “facing the wrong giant.”

What if, instead of standing across from him as if he is the opponent in a football game, you stood beside him, on the same team, facing the issue  instead of making him the issue. This could completely change the way you look at what I call sins, issues, bills and boxes in your marriage or relationships!

We are joined together as one with the same spirit so we can each live knowing we are accepted and valued most precious. When you decide to tackle a giant like “We are on the same team” it CAN bring the two of you closer together. Yes, you CAN then work toward the same goal. Stop arguing about non-essential things, and resolve opposing each other at every step.

Remember, have a container of white flags or your own team colors; to throw as the penalty flag when someone gets hurt, blow the whistle, and call out your favorite sport penalty. Like “roughing the kicker” or “intentional grounding.” I’m sure sure you can think of more. The key is to just do it! This helps to throw aside the “fault” quickly ~ forgive ~ let go ~ reach out to give your hand to help them up ~slap each other on the bottom ~ and get right back into the game. No need to walk in unforgiveness for a day, week or years.

God joined us as one, forgave, saved, and loves us so we could fail without lasting penalties and get back in the game to enjoy our life.

Yes, Our Peace Matters! …so we can walk together in grace and mercy!  Always-N-Joy, Joanne

1 Corinthians 6:17; Psalms 85:2 & 10;Isaiah 33:24; Luke 6:37 & 1:75; Ephesians 4:32; Romans 5:10-20


Covered … and still wanting to be clothed?

Bride with sword

2 Corinthians 5 is a power packed chapter!

We that are in this Tabernacle do groan wanting to be clothed with our house made eternal in the heavens with His glorious majesty.

No more sorrow and sighing is when the revelation comes to your understanding that HE covered you with Christ His Righteousness. Christ is His Glory and Your Heavenly House.

Some didn’t not come to the Marriage Supper because they believed they were unworthy and were not properly dressed for the occasion. We must share how He clothed us FTB – 1st John says clearly fathers have known Him FTB. From the Beginning; because it is the same as the END. Revelation 3:5 & 18 … Clothed IN White Linen.

Romans reminds us NOT even naked can separate you from God. We are reconciled by His death and saved by His life. We will stand before the Righteous merciful judgment seat of Christ so that we receive ALL that HE has done for us!! It is still not about you but about HIM and all His mighty wondrous works of love!

They who are clothed are groaning because they “feel” uncovered or naked and because they are not eating at the table and have no pasture. Even the religious men of traditions are nullifying the effect of Christ because of raising up sin instead of Christ the Gift hidden within.  Father’s reply is still, “Who uncovered you?” … “Who is it that told you, you were naked?” From the Beginning (FTB) He clothed us in Himself. Always the ONE-MAN plan.

His judgment is JUST! His Kingdom is Now within us.

Adam was even a type and shadow of Him who was to come. One who became sin and disobedient for us so that we would see how we became the righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus our Lord. Sin is to miss “the mark.” Psalms 37:37 We are told to “mark the perfect man.” Disobedient mean to “hear amiss.” Not even a famine from hearing right from God can separate us from our Father.

Jesus paid the price for ALL, confirmed and ratified the Covenants of Oath!! That is merciful Father with unconditional love! He IS satisfied and pleased. He silenced the LIAR, crucified, and removed the wicked man. Now established us all perfect and complete IN a fixed, secure, divine order in rest. Called of God, His Holy nation, sanctified and glorified with the TRUTH of HIS SEED. Do you really know what the mercy covenant is all about? Had they known His mercy, they would not have condemned the guiltless. He said, “they shall not want for anything to make them complete.” Why? Because they KNOW Him who has provided all things for them.

Yes, Our Peace Matters!! Always-N-Joy © excerpt from my book Eyewitness to His Majesty … Joanne


Romans 5:10 & 14; Acts 13:46; Matthew 25:43 & 44; Revelation 3:5 & 18; Psalms 9:8 & 17; John 5:30; Romans 8:33-39; Matthew 12:7