Because of His Love First

Joined as one spirit   eph-4-23-being-renewed-in-the-spirit-of-our-mind

We Love Him because He first loved us. Have you heard the Good News of what He did to Love YOU first?

… “what God HATH JOINED together do not allow any man to separate or divide you from His Gift and provision for your life? Nothing means Nothing can separate you from Him. Not even nakedness. Jesus said, Take My Yoke upon you, and learn of Me. – Just receive and believe I GIFTED this to you with My Life. It is treasured within YOU. His YOKE is UNION, JOINED AS ONE spirit to Him.The Eagle is Flying United. Forever and Always-N-Joy. #HeFirstLovedUs!!

Mark 9:10; Matthew 19:6; Romans 8:35;
1 Corinthians 6:17;Ephesians 2:18 & 4:4

His Love Making Life E Z R 4 U

KingdomOfGod_Title_webHave you heard? ::: It says, we love Him because He first Loved us! We don’t need to beg or plead for God to have Mercy on me. His eternal covenant of Mercy IS ALREADY working mightily FOR YOU.

We receive and believe His love and mercy is FOR ME and we give thanks. Love went First and is now making Life E Z R 4 U. There is His promise of JOY and PEACE when YOU believe. Relax, Refresh, and enter into His Rest!! Always-N-Joy!