IN Christ Jesus … The Beginning Word of God

In the Beginning Christ Jesus is the Alpha & Omega Beautiful sun rise

Christ Jesus is The Beginning Word made flesh and dwelt among us. To know the Father’s love and to see what we look like IN HIM.

He was/is/always will BE the Beginning and the End; the Alpha and Omega with nothing being able to separate us from His Love and Life. Nothing able to change what He created complete IN Him and in the fullness of His perfection.

We are His finished workmanship created in Christ Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven and walking in this earth. He took full responsibility to assure our rest in His Spirit of Holiness, knowing His Covenants of Mercy, Peace, and Levi which joined us as one in His perfect Love without fear. Always in all ways -N-Joy, Joanne

We Love because He First Loved Us!

We love because he first loved us with daisy
It is His pleasure, goodness, and lovingkindness to take full responsibility to provide FOR US His Life PURE, CLEAN, and HOLY. It is so merciful and gracious to have eyes to SEE the beauty of His majesty and mighty works. His plan FOR US has always been to share in His victorious life and how He has made FOR US to be partakers of His divine life. All because He first loved us.

Covenant of Promise

Covenant of Promise is the announcement and message of Blessing because of His Love. Thomas means “twin” as a reminder to us that we share as a joint heir to all things that are true of Christ Jesus is true of you. I am as my Father created me to be. Rest in this benefit for any doubt. He loved you yesterday, He loves you still, Always has and Always will.

Jesus knows me this I love, because He placed Christ within us to rest and know His perfect love without fear! … Always-N-Joy.

What’s heavy on your mind?

Pure in Heart

I am here to stir up the gift within you, His PURE Mind. You are Holy … Do you believe that?

Jesus said, “Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

That is not a work you strive to perform. It is the GRACE gift of His Presence. The substance of all things hoped for. The power of His resurrection in Romans 1:4 …which IS CALLED the Spirit of Holiness. The Pure Mind of Christ.

Jesus silenced the accuser!! Condemnation is judgment with punishment; the beating stick or whip of the accuser! Jesus has already been judged; tied to a whipping post and been beaten not just FOR US but AS US. On the Cross He became the wicked man of sin. In a court of law, a prosecutor never talks about your good points but is there to remind you of all your failures. Walking under the heavy load of condemnation, fear, and stress produces all kinds of sickness. That is why Jesus who is our Advocate silences ALL guilt and condemnation. He paid the price in full and there is no double jeopardy. Christ in you is also the GIFT of NO condemnation.

That is why we are exhorted to “put on the new man” which IS renewed in the knowledge of Christ and in the image of the perfect man. We have been created in righteousness and true holiness, clothed upon with His Glory to walk in Love without fear.

David in Psalms 37:37 reminds us to, “mark the perfect man and His righteousness, because the end of that man is perfect peace,” THAT man is called The Man Christ Jesus in 1 Timothy 2:5. The ONE arbitrator and mediator of God’s eternal merciful covenant, that brought peace to all mankind. You are righteous by the ONE you are in union with no separation. Redeemed means you are no longer in union with sin and death. One Man paid the price. The First Adam paid the price of sin and death. The Last Adam paid for our LIFE in peace and rest with HIS pure mind and the TREE of Life within all mankind. Christ Jesus is the Alpha and Omega from the beginning.

His unfailing love for you, hid the treasure of Himself in your heart and in your life. We see that in Galatians 5:22 the fruit of His Spirit is GOODNESS. That means to BE righteous, holy, and sanctified in your heart and in your life. We return to give thanks and our joy increases rejoicing in His Name that is Holy!! Oh yes, Your Peace Matters to Him. The Gift of NO condemnation and a PURE mind gives us the power to go and sin no more. There is Joy and Peace when we believe we are Holy just like Him without sin.

Always-N-Joy … Joanne


The Peace of being Always-N-Joy

Psalm 112 6-01






Walking on the Path of Righteousness is as a shining light, that shines more and more right on the perfect man of Christ Jesus our Lord and King.

His goodness established and fixed YOU in a position of REST with His LOVE forever.

Oh the beauty of His Glory and Peace of being Always-N-Joy!

Oh THIS Goodness

Have you been asking, “Where’s the JOY?
When we have no joy it is because we have been blinded by something holding back the truth of His Love and Goodness.

The Kingdom of God is Righteousness/Christ, Peace and Joy IN the Spirit of Holiness.We will see His Joy when we turn from looking to the temporary things of this world to HIM who is Eternal.

Paul said in Romans 15:14 I myself AM Convinced you are FULL of HIS GOODNESS!! This is the same Goodness we have been looking at – it’s meaning is you are already Righteous and Upright in your heart and in your life because of His ONE Life, ONE Bread, ONE Body, and ONE Spirit.

This is the Goodness of God that leads us to “return again.” Which by the way, HE HIMSELF returned FOR THEM! This too, is finished and is just one of many “first loved us acts of His Lovingkindness.” Yes, I have the verse that shows this to be so. Do you know where it is found?

The Fruit of His Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth!!
He IS Good!! Believe BIG! … and Yes ::: Rest Always-N-Joy!God IS Good with rose upon the water w ripples