God’s OS – One Spirit

Sanctified completely
Wholly/Holy sanctified is our Abundant Life in Christ. Sanctification is the will of God already complete within us to sustain and maintain us. Since a computer has an OS (Operating System)
God certainly has His OS (One Spirit) to keep us Perfect as our Father in heaven IS Perfect. We aren’t in charge of that HE IS. Now we can rest and BE all that He has promised to BE … Glorious in Holiness! Always-N-Joy …Joanne


Jesus GOT tough stains out
Sanctification KEEPS us and PRESERVES us holy and blameless …
HE GOT RID of ANY tough stains we think we may have!!! He cleansed us ONCE and FOR ALL.

“But YE ARE washed, ye are sanctified and justified IN the Name of Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God which is Holy.”

There is Joy and Peace when you believe IT IS FINISHED IN ME!!!
1 Corinthians 6:11 &Jude 1:1 and Luke 1:75