Come Rest

Let’s Go to His Place where He SET His Name in Shiloh!

Shiloh means rest in peace and tranquility.

Oh yes, Our Peace Matters! Always-N-Love, Joanne

Come Rest

Christ In Us His Glory

I love the beauty of roses and the beauty of Christ and His Love in my girls and in all of my friends. YES YOU are included!! YOU!! People who know me ::: know that I would love to post this to each one of your FB pages personally … But I will refrain and hope you see this and be blessed today! (((HUGS))) Always-N-Love, Joanne

yellow roses 2 dz

Covenant of Eternal Promise

Covenant of promise

He vowed that He made
a Covenant FOR THEM.
He has broken the bow
and the sword along with
the battle OUT OF the earth,
Making them to lie down in safety.
He has betrothed thee IN HIM,
IN Righteousness, Faithfulness,
and In tender Mercies forever.
Hosea 2:18

Always-N-Joy, Joanne


Sweeter than the Day Before

The right quote or word at the right time from
the right person can change any moment into
something very sacred and precious.
Cheers to the Promise of our life in ONE, who
already did it all, to make life sweeter than the day before.
Always-N-JOY, Joanne

always n joy preserved holy by the presence of his glory

Pure Heart is Our Healing and Cure

Pure in Heart

Pleasure is happiness of the senses. It comes and goes.
Satisfaction is happiness of the mind. It comes and goes.
JOY is Happiness of our Being. It IS HERE Now.
Proverbs 15:15 A Merry heart HATH a continual feast. Psalms 17:22 reminds us His “Merry” heart is medicine. Medicine means a healing and a cure.

Our healing is seen here in the “merry” heart. Merry means joyful, rejoicing, and it is His Heart full of mercy, kindness, goodness, righteous, pure, and sanctified holy. Therefore since His heart is pure and clean and no sickness,no disease, no sin for us to rejoice if it is not within Him then it cannot be within me. We are joined together as one and share as a joint-heir in all that He is. Now to rest and stand assured He will indeed watch over His pure word to perform it!! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

The Power to Move Mountains

Do you need to move a mountain in your way today?
This is our family’s decree …The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly.

His right hand is full of Christ and has dashed into pieces all our enemies. Psalms 118:15; 48:10 …By the Word of Truth, by the power of God, by the armour of Righteousness on the right hand and on the left, 2Cor. 6:7; Romans1:4

Our Hope and His Presence gloriously treasured within us. Stirring UP the Gift always in all ways there. Always-N-Joy … JoanneRighteous right hand I will uphold thee with my hand

Father’s Business … His Unleavened Bread

There is no bad news in the Good News! His mercies and goodness shall follow us all the days of our lives. We shall not want for anything to complete what He has already made perfect. Psalms 23:1-6

Isaiah 54:17 said, “In Righteousness/Christ you shall be established and be far from all oppression and you shall not fear.” Taste and SEE the Lord is Good! I love the meaning of this word Good too.

Exodus 12:25-27 Instructs them when they come to the promised land, that He will give you as He HATH promised, keep this service. The word service also means business. Hmmm this could be what Jesus was focusing on to do what His Father is doing and to say what His Father is saying. The Passover, which Luke 22:1 also called The Feast of Unleavened Bread. The sinless Body of Christ. Jesus said, “I am that Bread of Heaven. His Presence abiding within us is our advocate & Faithful & True witness! We can REST –in this word ESTABLISHED means to be stable, stand up righteous, and firmly SET in a Fixed, Furnished, and Finished place of Rest!! Oh His Glory! That’s Good News!! Always-N-Joy … Joanne

Colossians-1-27 riches of his glory in you