Always-N-Joy ::: Why?

Keep Calm I Brign Glad Tidings of Great Joy for Everyone
“Of God’s doing we are IN Christ who OF GOD is made unto us the wisdom, righteousness, redemption, and sanctification. IN the Lamb of God from the beginning. 1 Corinthians 1:30

Religion puts too much credence on the fall of man than on the actual Beginning of our Life IN Christ. It took the Power of God to rescue our minds from the lies it believed. Have we not ALL One Father, and One God who created us? Malachi 2:10

All of our enemies have been found liars, and it is lies that made His Righteous people Sad. Deut. 33;29 & Ezekiel 13:22

Malachi 2:5-12 His Covenant of Peace was with Him and they polluted His Covenant of Levi which means to separate the people from their UNION with Him from the beginning. Nothing can separate us from Him and His Love. Jesus came to confirm and ratify every Covenant of Promise. He was the visible expression of an invisible eternal and everlasting Truth. Crucified, Died and Buried, Quickened, Raised and Seated in the Power of the Resurrection FOR US to see and to know Him from the beginning.

Father’s have known Him from the beginning. Jude 1:1 We are sanctified by the Father, preserved holy and blameless by the Son and called Saints because the Spirit of Holiness resides within us by His doing. We believe, receive and give our thanks with praise to His Glorious Majesty. Resting in His Sabbath Day. It IS a Finished Work.

Always-N-Joy ::: Why? … because He rendered unto ALL men His Righteousness.Job 33:26… Joanne

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