Angels on Assignment FOR YOU

“Angels are on assignment for you” … Giving thanks for what you DO have already not for what is lacking is what it means to give thanks in all things. God’s love and faithfulness never changes – your highest good is always the target. There must be really something better God has in mind for you. Oh Boy – let’s watch the parting of the red sea for you to walk over on dry land. It says He held the waters back with a strong EAST wind. The message from the EAST is Judah – Issachar – Zebulon … Judah is the Lion Roaring for you for all eternity to be sure HIS will is exacted from Mercy and Grace – Issachar means the LAMB is my Reward all of my days and Zebulon means My HOLY habitation is IN Christ forever and always eternal sealed with His blood and that is Noble & Regal Royalty!! oh Yeah …Now go in the Power of that Wind holding back the the waters – you will NOT drown!!! Amen His Name is Glorious!

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