Covered … and still wanting to be clothed?

Bride with sword

2 Corinthians 5 is a power packed chapter!

We that are in this Tabernacle do groan wanting to be clothed with our house made eternal in the heavens with His glorious majesty.

No more sorrow and sighing is when the revelation comes to your understanding that HE covered you with Christ His Righteousness. Christ is His Glory and Your Heavenly House.

Some didn’t not come to the Marriage Supper because they believed they were unworthy and were not properly dressed for the occasion. We must share how He clothed us FTB – 1st John says clearly fathers have known Him FTB. From the Beginning; because it is the same as the END. Revelation 3:5 & 18 … Clothed IN White Linen.

Romans reminds us NOT even naked can separate you from God. We are reconciled by His death and saved by His life. We will stand before the Righteous merciful judgment seat of Christ so that we receive ALL that HE has done for us!! It is still not about you but about HIM and all His mighty wondrous works of love!

They who are clothed are groaning because they “feel” uncovered or naked and because they are not eating at the table and have no pasture. Even the religious men of traditions are nullifying the effect of Christ because of raising up sin instead of Christ the Gift hidden within.  Father’s reply is still, “Who uncovered you?” … “Who is it that told you, you were naked?” From the Beginning (FTB) He clothed us in Himself. Always the ONE-MAN plan.

His judgment is JUST! His Kingdom is Now within us.

Adam was even a type and shadow of Him who was to come. One who became sin and disobedient for us so that we would see how we became the righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus our Lord. Sin is to miss “the mark.” Psalms 37:37 We are told to “mark the perfect man.” Disobedient mean to “hear amiss.” Not even a famine from hearing right from God can separate us from our Father.

Jesus paid the price for ALL, confirmed and ratified the Covenants of Oath!! That is merciful Father with unconditional love! He IS satisfied and pleased. He silenced the LIAR, crucified, and removed the wicked man. Now established us all perfect and complete IN a fixed, secure, divine order in rest. Called of God, His Holy nation, sanctified and glorified with the TRUTH of HIS SEED. Do you really know what the mercy covenant is all about? Had they known His mercy, they would not have condemned the guiltless. He said, “they shall not want for anything to make them complete.” Why? Because they KNOW Him who has provided all things for them.

Yes, Our Peace Matters!! Always-N-Joy © excerpt from my book Eyewitness to His Majesty … Joanne


Romans 5:10 & 14; Acts 13:46; Matthew 25:43 & 44; Revelation 3:5 & 18; Psalms 9:8 & 17; John 5:30; Romans 8:33-39; Matthew 12:7

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