Follow Righteousness

Follow Righteousness

“I am sure that when I come unto you, I shall come in the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ.” …and of His fullness have ALL received GRACE for GRACE. Romans 15:29

Cross-Words … When I share, I like to highlight a few verses that help give clarity. I like to call these “Cross-Words.” To know Him is to love Him and to see with understanding how He loved us first. To walk with Him and to know Him with peace and rest. Friendship is Love with understanding. Trusting God for His gift of righteousness we are called the friend of God. Christ Jesus who has come in you is this GIFT, knowledge of God and the Power of The Spirit of Holiness. He is the treasure hidden within you.

I believe two words out of this Romans verse are worthy of being highlighted because of the light they bring on perfection.

COME means to appear, be established, and become known.

FULLNESS means in completeness, filled full with the presence and power of God and of Christ. 

Follow Righteousness with Faith, Love, and Peace with them, calling on the Name of the Lord out of a PURE heart!! 2 Timothy 2:22 With Christ in us we have His pure heart. Because of His tender mercies and His goodness, He provided us with our heart and life in His Righteousness. We Awake to righteousness and keep our focus on HIM who was raised up in the beauty of holiness and knows no sin.

Your Peace Matter! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

Romans 15:29 & 1:4; John 1:16; Matthew 5:10; Luke 1:75; Acts 17:31

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