Giving Thanks for His Mercy & Everlasting Life

Are you worthy? If not, why do you think you are unworthy? If you know you are worthy are you thankful? When Paul and Barnabas came into the city to spread the Good News, the people listening judged themselves unworthy of everlasting life. (Acts 13:46) They put the Word of Life away from themselves.  God has not cast you away. (Romans 11:1)

When they were called to COME they felt unworthy of favor or even an invitation. They did not believe they had merited anything worthy of attending. John was proclaiming, “Prepare to receive one coming that is already all ready at hand and “within” your reach. There was a loud voice, “I have betrothed the unto Me in Righteousness, clothed in white linen.” Linen is the Righteousness of the Saints. Saint means to be holy, pure and sanctified by His standard. That standard and measuring rod is Christ in YOU. By and through the death and life of ONE man; the Man Christ Jesus the Lord.

In Him we have been made worthy to walk with Him clothed, clean and white with His Spirit of Holiness. Christ His glorious majesty. Giving thanks for His unconditional love that gave us His death on the Cross and His Life to rest in His Holy Day with joy and peace.

Your Peace Matters!

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