He First Gave to Us All Things

Don’t Forget His Benefits …He first GAVE to us all things pertaining to life and godliness. He first GAVE His Love and continues to give of His love, life, and goodness. One “goodly” benefit is found very full in 2 Timothy 3:17. “That the man of God may BE perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all GOOD works.”

1. BE Perfect as your Father in heaven IS perfect. Perfect means finished, wanting nothing to bring completeness, and the perfect state of all things.
2. Thoroughly Furnished means to be complete, finished, and furnished perfectly.
3. Good Works means we are connected to His nature which is shared with Him joyful, happy, excellent, righteous, and full of benefits!! Power packed and backed by Covenant Oath of Promise as well as guaranteed DAILY!! Oh Yeah!¬†We love Him because He first loved us! This is just a small token of what He did to first love YOU! Just receive His Gift! He’s saying … Just Be My Valentine!

Always-N-Joy …Joanne

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