Heal the Sick and SAY …

Christ and array of words

Do you ever wonder sometimes just where we could be missing the miracles from sickness and disease? I do, and I inquire of Lord to help me understand.

Luke 10:9 sheds some light on perfection for us. “Heal the sick and say to them The Kingdom of God IS COME NIGH unto YOU.”

This word NIGH means to join ONE to another, Joined unto the Lord as one spirit. We are joined to Christ the Spirit of Holiness in His Kingdom.

Say to them YOU are Healed by the Christ IN YOU that He has joined with you as one to His Spirit of Holiness. You are Holy, Clean and undefiled in His perfect and complete life.

We are clothed in fine linen clean and white. What we believe we repeat. Will we continue saying, I am perfect like my Father is perfect? I am Clean and white covered in His Righteousness and holiness, and blameless before Him all the days of our lives?

Ezekiel says, with LIES the righteous have been made SAD and I did not make my people sad. What will we choose to report?

It’s time to stand in the TRUTH and to agree HE HATH silenced the LIES, LIAR, and the False Witness. How? By placing Himself in the power of Christ in you. He is there to maintain perfect holiness where there cannot be anything unholy, nothing lacking, no guilt and pain. His Presence in US creates the Truth about us. Everywhere HE IS …IS HOLY, Clean, Pure and Full of Glory.

The High Priest told the Lepers YOU ARE CLEAN and they were cleansed and the spots removed. Jesus said, YOU ARE CLEAN because of the word I have spoken over you. We say, Thank You – He said, I made you and present you to Me without spots or wrinkles and no issues. Oh yeah!! I am going to believe I am clean and I will declare, YOU are clean too.

Oh YES! Our Peace Matters … Always-N-Joy, Joanne

Jude 1:24; Revelation 19:8; Luke 1:75; Hebrews 12:33

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