Hezekiah ~ Jehovah is My Strength

Fresh Start

Everyone is looking forward to a fresh start and renewed “strength” this year, I know I am. Daily we are to renew our strength knowing when we love someone deeply it gives us strength. When we know we are loved deeply it give us courage. Knowing Him and His Love gives us both strength and courage.

Hezekiah means “Jehovah is My Strength.” The JOY of Lord is our strength and His joy is that He was wounded for our transgressions so that we could know the Lamb of God was slain from the foundation to rest IN Christ and enjoy life with Him now.

Ezekiel tells us it was LIES that made the righteous people of God sad and He did not make His people sad. Ezekiel 13:22

Noah means rest and Genesis tells us that there was violence in the land when God told Noah to build an Ark. That Ark is Christ and a picture so that we can understand an invisible eternal truth now in the visible. Violence means a false witness bearing lies. We are in Christ where HE HAS silenced the avenger and the liar. Our enemy has been defeated and silenced to LIE no more.

We live in a world system that uses rewards and punishment which has made a false sense of justice and injustice. We are to walk “In the Kingdom of God” which is in Righteousness, Peace and Joy IN the Spirit of Holiness. To walk daily without fear of torment, and without a heavy yoke of sin, sickness, disease, or darkness.

WOUNDED For Us means HE became sick, weary, diseased, grieved, sorry, pain, profaned, polluted, make common, dishonored and to be WORN DOWN in strength and be wearied.

When we believe a LIE it hurts. He silenced the refuge of LIES with Christ in us! Now as one with Him our Faithful and True Witness. We must believe the chastisement of Peace fell upon HIM!!! All we do … is believe it’s finished and true. Execute His righteous judgment for all. Jesus came and was made flesh so that we could see a visible expression of an invisible eternal truth. He confirmed and ratified all covenant oaths from God our Father. He confirmed us in the end. Christ is the beginning and the end.When we believe we have JOY and PEACE. No joy, no peace? Ask yourself what are you believing. Lies hurt us and make us sad and that is why we walk daily and fellowship with our heavenly Father to know the Truth. By the way, it is the truth you know that sets you free.

There is renewed strength not only for this year but everyday!! His ways are full of Christ and His Righteousness overflowing with Peace that passes all understanding to guard our hearts. We are rooted and grounded in His Love and  Holiness. Sharing the beauty, majesty and rest knowing IN HIM we are complete, holy, clean, undefiled, blameless, innocent, virtuous and in the fullness of His perfection.

The mighty prevailing strength of Jehovah is Christ Jesus our Lord. This one thing I will do is forgetting “weakness” which is behind me and pressing toward the Mark of the Perfect Man… (Psalms 37:37) Strength comes from knowing just how much He loves you and me. Right now we have already been translated out of darkness and into His Marvelous Light! Arise and Shine!!

Yes, Our Peace Matters!! Always-N-Joy, Joanne


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