His Life Blood and Purity

Rose red n white in one 22222

This reminds me of Being joined AS ONE in Christ and the power of His Life blood and purity. Jesus said His Yoke is easy! His YOKE is Union joined & fastened as ONE together!! Matt.19:6 and Mark 10:9

Easy* = means kind, gracious, good, virtuous, fit for use, goodness*, pleasant & better.Seen in Romans 2:4 The Goodness* of God leads to changing our minds. 1 Peter 2:3 Have you tasted and seen that the Lord is gracious and merciful* and His mercies endure for ever!

What God hath joined together let no man put asunder! Asunder = to divide, separate or divorce. The divorce God hated is we divorced ourselves from His provision of Christ Righteousness within us, believing the LIE we were separated from God our Father. Absolutely nothing can separate us from His Workmanship created in righteousness and true holiness! Taste and See oh He is GOOD!!

Always-N-Joy, Joanne

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