Joined Together As One

What God hath JOINED together let no man put asunder. Joined means to fasten to MY Yoke – united together. Asunder means to divide and separate. Nothing shall be able to separate us from the Love of God and Christ IN us is that Power and Love that keeps us joined AS ONE!!

I’m Always- N- Joy because we all share in His Union being joined as one. Jesus’ prayer that they all may BE one, as the Father is in Me and they may be one in us.

Revelation 6:5 “A pair of balances” – Yoke in His Hands. His hands are Holy¬† without wrath and without doubt.

There Always -N-Joy and Peace when you simply believe!

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  1. Judges 6:16 proves that Giddeon was the original Gladiator. in the movie gladiator…Maximus (played by Russel Crow)was captured and thrust into the Roman coleseuem to be practice for the elite of the Roman army. As Maximus looked upon the vast numbers in that colesuem that were there to see a show…knew that what ever came out of the gates into the arena the small remenant of men He led would have a better chance of survival if they were in unity. As the gates swung open….golden chariots with archers slinging arrows like Jezebel taking out minitries surounded the small group. As the commander Maximus coached the men to lock their shields in a 360 degree “jagged diamond” formation. As the chariots rushed the group to break their unity…..Maximus, commanded..closer, closer….as the chariot approached within inches he shouted…”AS ONE!!!” and the men thrust their shoulders into the shields and as one they turned over the chariots and he comanded, “Single column!” and the company of men seperated the chariots and isolated them between the group. Maximus then mounted a white horse and rode down the center of the column and beheaded the enemy taking out the “ites” that’s right the “ite’s” and won the crowds favor and his freedom!!!

    1. Joh 10:30 I and my Father are one. I am seated with Him in heavenly places…”In Christ” with the revealation that He revealed himself to me then in me and I realized that He did not just die for me He died as me so He could live through me as me!! Gal 2;20 – the life I NOW live is His!! And out of this union with the bridegroom we stand in His name and renature earthly things by displaying His sceptre and His crown!!

      \o/…\o/…\o/…\o/…\o/…\o/…\o/…\o/…”AS ONE!”

    2. Thanks for sharing Geno – I haven’t seen the Gladiator yet but sounds like a movie I would like to see.

      In the wilderness the Father was always attempting to restate for the children of Israel – I am HOLY God – You are My Holy Offspring – Now go AS ONE into the Holy Land!! But they wandered in unbelief and did not call it TODAY AS ONE!!

      The 42 stops were all to remind them their ROOTS were HOLY!!

      You are a blessing! Always-N-Joy!

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for your post and inviting me here.
    I have really loved reading Jesus’ prayer this year often…about oneness…truly awesome and beautiful I think.

    I believe God has been bringing some of the following thoughts to me just today; Israel was baptized in the red sea, taken by God into the wilderness…they were tempted to question who they really were and what they really had… 2)Jesus was baptized, taken by God into a wilderness and he was tempted about Who He was but came out victorious, knowing Who He was, and what His Father had already spoken, He came forth in the power of the Spirit, confidently preaching the good news of the kingdom of God… 3)We are baptized, and also taken into a wilderness of our thoughts which say such things as…”are you really forgiven…everything? ..”does He still really love you after THAT!? ..”do you really think you’ll make it to heaven? ..and the list goes on for each individual, but if we remind ourselves what God has ALREADY spoken over us and ALREADY given to us..such as; “you are forgiven, you are loved, you are mine, you are redeemed…you are my child in whom I am well pleased…you are filled with My Spirit”, then we will come forth CONFIDENTLY out of the wilderness of our doubts, in the awesome power of the Holy Spirit, joyfully and powerfully proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God!

    We already have this from Him…I think maybe the temptations were necessary to see if we have the determination to push forward and believe and say ..”yes, I am!” To fully proclaim the good news of the kingdom like Jesus we have to accept, trust and know confidently that we are who He says we are. Your childlike faith will help you and lead you, (and the church) OUT OF THE WILDERNESS!!

    I am one with Him, I am one with you…yes, we are one! ..and we will continue to know…and we will continue to emerge.

  3. Thanks Karl –

    Powerful revelation the Lord revealed to you and clearly explained too.

    Check out the word Wilderness H4057 and it says an uninhabited plain country FIT for feeding a flock. He gave them what they needed to SEE and to HEAR then remembering who they BE.

    Gives new understanding to the question the Lord said, “Was I a desert to Israel? Have I been barren to them? Have I asked them to worship ME for nothing? Of course NOT!

    They could not hear so they did not believe. But, no worries He said in Romans Be glad they wandered in the wilderness in UNBELIEF because of their unbelief He Concluded you all unbelievers so that His Covenant of Mercy could include all.

    Jesus comes on the scene to be that visible expression so they could see and hear and walk again with joy in their steps that had already been ordered in Righteousness. Christ in us is the Glory and the knowledge of the Glory has covered heaven and earth.

    We are exhorted in Romans 15 … there is joy and peace when we believe. And in Luke 24:41 …they believed not for joy. Without believing they could not SEE the kingdom.

    Hosea 2 talks about she did not know what the Lord had already given to her and that is why she went to others to satisfy not remembering who she was and how “Full of Goodness” He had already provided for her.

    In Psalms 23 it says surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me. Goodness in the Hebrew says to be Righteous IN heart and IN life. Now we see the Goodness of God leads us to change our mind about what I am believing. I am believing the Truth He has already established.

    Whose report will you believe? The Joy of the Lord is our strength and His Joy was SEEN on His Face which is Christ the righteousness of God rendered unto all men.

    Now for us to rest in what He started He finished it too. If you can’t see He says ask of Me and I will show you! We really have not because we ask not – so what are you waiting for? Ask and receive that your JOY may be FULL!!

    Always-N-Joy ~ Joanne

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