No More Tears …and No More Fear

Roses and pink and red with pink gerbera daisies Vased


No more tears …and no more fears!!

He redeemed us from the violence and oppressor that burdens by giving a false witness!

The cross-word is VIOLENCE – means to bear false witness against your neighbor, cruelty, and oppressor. We are reminded in Leviticus 19:15 To judge your neighbor in Christ. Also, 1 Corinthians 1:6 & Galatians 3:17 He silenced the avenger!!

The liar has been removed, silenced, and put to death for us to SEE new life and hear our “Faithful & True” witness.

Now to know the blessings on the head of the righteous and to hear the voice of one with NO fear or terror. All the words of His mouth are first pure, faithful, true and in righteousness.

Psalms 103:6; 18:48; 72:14; Proverbs 8:8; 10:6 & 11; 13:2; 1 Peter 2:22; Luke 1:75; Isaiah 53:9; 54:14 & 60:18

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