Oh THIS Goodness

Have you been asking, “Where’s the JOY?
When we have no joy it is because we have been blinded by something holding back the truth of His Love and Goodness.

The Kingdom of God is Righteousness/Christ, Peace and Joy IN the Spirit of Holiness.We will see His Joy when we turn from looking to the temporary things of this world to HIM who is Eternal.

Paul said in Romans 15:14 I myself AM Convinced you are FULL of HIS GOODNESS!! This is the same Goodness we have been looking at – it’s meaning is you are already Righteous and Upright in your heart and in your life because of His ONE Life, ONE Bread, ONE Body, and ONE Spirit.

This is the Goodness of God that leads us to “return again.” Which by the way, HE HIMSELF returned FOR THEM! This too, is finished and is just one of many “first loved us acts of His Lovingkindness.”¬†Yes, I have the verse that shows this to be so. Do you know where it is found?

The Fruit of His Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth!!
He IS Good!! Believe BIG! … and Yes ::: Rest Always-N-Joy!God IS Good with rose upon the water w ripples

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