Opened Treasures In Christ

In a world of uncertainty God wants His people to walk and rest with certainty. “Have I not written to thee excellent things in counsels and knowledge , That I might make thee know the certainty of the words (sayings) of truth.” Excellent things means triple and a three-fold measure.

Scripture speaks of faith, hope and love; the truth, the way and the life; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; little children, young men, and father’s; outer court, holy place, holy of Holies, Father’s see the end of sin from the beginning.

The measure He gave us is the Gift of Christ in us. The knowledge of His Glory shall cover the earth. The glory IS Christ. It is amazing how some words in scripture may not bring clarity or certainty until you look at their meaning. In Psalms 89:44 it says, “Thou HAST made His Glory to cease.” Sounds like to stop, but actually it is the word Sabbath and means to REST. Christ is our resting place.

When they opened their treasures in Christ they sat at His feet, worshiped Him, talked and communed daily about the gifts and callings so graciously given in love unquenchable, unconditional, and unlimited. Knowing now with certainty the look of joy on His face. No troubled sea, anchored in hope, and the warmth of His love beating my heart. Glowious!!! Yes, that is what I wanted to spell. Always-N-Joy … Joanne

Heart with golden light beams

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