Our Heart IN Perfect Holiness







The Cross of Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection made it all possible for us to rest.  After seeing with understanding the Lamb of God who was slain before the foundation of the world; Father forever placed the Covenant of Mercy and Goodness to be enforced eternally.

The word abiding means to continue and remain united, joined to Him as a branch does a vine. Abiding is something HE DID for us – I simply remain there recovering or should I say uncovering and discovering my true identity.

NOW that is unconditional love sealed with a Kiss of Righteousness and Peace; with His Mercy and Goodness following us all of our days!! Goodness means righteous in heart and in life. Where you treasure IS – THERE your heart will be also. Christ is my righteous treasure and my heart is there IN His perfect holiness to hear the rest and to beat to the rhythm of His Love. Giving Thanks!

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