Pure Heart is Our Healing and Cure

Pure in Heart

Pleasure is happiness of the senses. It comes and goes.
Satisfaction is happiness of the mind. It comes and goes.
JOY is Happiness of our Being. It IS HERE Now.
Proverbs 15:15 A Merry heart HATH a continual feast. Psalms 17:22 reminds us His “Merry” heart is medicine. Medicine means a healing and a cure.

Our healing is seen here in the “merry” heart. Merry means joyful, rejoicing, and it is His Heart full of mercy, kindness, goodness, righteous, pure, and sanctified holy. Therefore since His heart is pure and clean and no sickness,no disease, no sin for us to rejoice if it is not within Him then it cannot be within me. We are joined together as one and share as a joint-heir in all that He is. Now to rest and stand assured He will indeed watch over His pure word to perform it!! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

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