REBOOT – ONE SPIRIT is our Operating System

Fulness of Christ Living within

I get excited when I hear a word over and over and then decide to look at that word and its’ meaning. Reboot = means to restart and refresh by loading the (O.S) operating system. We are Spirit first and foremost. Our O.S. is ONE SPIRIT. The presence of His GRACE Gift within you is HIMSELF, He is HERE THERE within you.

That Spirit is the Spirit of Holiness that raised Jesus up out of death, hell, and any grave report. Sanctification is Holy, sanctified, pure, innocent and without sin or blame. Sanctification is the Will of God. IT IS within us. The Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Spirit of Holiness. We are instructed to RENEW/REBOOT the Kingdom of God at Gilgal and the rolling away of the STONE!

The Power of the Resurrection and the power of God that rolled away the stone is called The Spirit of Holiness. This is That! That is always in all ways where we begin to refresh knowing the the PRESENCE of the Lord IS THERE within YOU.

His presence purged out and cleansed the temple which we are and declared YOU ARE CLEAN, HOLY, and righteous to BE PERFECT! His Presence that already removed the LIES that made us sad, the chains that we thought could still choke out our life and joy. Reboot, Restart, and Refresh knowing YOU ARE ONE now with His power to jump over, go around or under any obstacles. He said, Our Highway is Holiness and our Paths PURE!!! Don’t be slow any longer to BELIEVE. There is Joy and Peace when you believe the TRUTH and it’s true right now and preserving you blameless no matter what you see in the temporal it IS an ETERNAL TRUTH ruling and reigning.

Always-N-Joy, Joanne

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