REST with ease in Him







Ever wonder why rejection hurts so much?

You know the kind where you feel like you don’t “fit in.” Can’t seem to measure up, make the grade, or get it right? I believe the Good News of the Gospel answers that for us. We were made accepted, finished, complete and IN union with God from the beginning and in the end …and every moment in between.

The Lie has always been to “do this to be” … when we are already all things made in His image. We are discovering HOW all the work was finished from the beginning. Jesus was and is the visible expression of an invisible Truth from the beginning. Father sealed it all with His Covenants of Mercy, of Love, of Salt, of an Everlasting Priesthood to bless IN His Holy Name, of Peace and of Rest!!

Deuteronomy 12:9 You have not as yet come to the REST and to the inheritance which the Lord your God GIVES you!!

The word REST is also translated with EASE!! Oh how I love Him!

I love to say, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful when _________ with peace and with ease.”  His name is called Wonderful which means full of miracles and surprises. Fill in the blank for something you are believing for a miracle. One of my favorites is … Wouldn’t it be wonderful when _______ (Name the person-let’s just say Johnny) has divine order, peace, and health with ease.” I also declare, “I pay my bills with ease and I always have extra money.”

I have been declaring REST and didn’t know it was the same as EASE!!! Oh Glory!! May you be blessed as you REST with ease in Him.

Your Peace Matters … Joanne


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