Sheen and Pristine in 2017

Enjoy reading Esther 9:1-32 …and see the NEW DAY without enemies with rest, joy, gladness, feasting, now turned from sorrow to joy, from sad mourning to feasting in a very GOOD Day!!
GOOD is SC H2896 (towb) means better, excellent, well, BENIGN,
precious, fine, wealth, rich in Christ and His perfection, kind, benefits, joyful, good tree, good ground, good soil, righteous, upright, and pure.
OH Yes Sheen and Pristine in 2017!
Happy NEW Day and Year 2017! Biblical Mathematics the 2 is the number of union & witness. 20 is redemption – 17 is victory. and added together 2+1+7= is 1 is Unity. We will continue to witness the finished victory, overcoming, and celebrating Unity as ONE New Man in Christ!! That’s why we are Always-N-Joy!! Joanne

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