Silenced the Violence in the Earth

Jesus came to show us the Father and His great love! He confirmed and ratified every Covenant of Promise that is forever, everlasting, unchangeable, and cannot be broken. Leaving Egypt they left God and His Covenants behind and became strangers and aliens to the covenants of promise.

Knowing His covenants of promise makes us glad and gives us rest to walk daily with Him on a STRONG foundation. Jesus who knew no sin became the wicked man of sin on the Cross to confirm He was indeed the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. He redeemed us, shut the mouth of the Liar, and removed the Violence of the false witness by the Operation of His Hands.

All of our enemies have been found to be LIES and it is lies He said that made His righteous people SAD and He did NOT make us sad. He HATH MADE us glad and redeemed us from the “violence” of the LIES. He is the Faithful and True witness INSIDE within us, who has stopped the war going on in our minds. Let love go first! The Spirit of Holiness is the Love of God, Christ within you, His Glory and anchor of our Hope. Today! Right now! Not someday in our distant future. That would be hope deferred which is making your heart sick.

Violence means cruelty, injustice, false witness, oppressor, and wicked.

That is why we PUT ON the mind of Christ. If you struggle with trying to silence this OLD man, you are fighting a shadow that is NOT there in you. Christ is within you to lead you into all truth and into the faithfulness of our Father. They wandered in the wilderness because they did not believe they were partakers of His Holy divine nature and they did not call it today! His presence is within you to guide you through the pathway that IS His Resting place. Christ in you is Shiloh, His resting place of peace and tranquility. Always-N-Joy, Joanne

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