So HOT it’s COOL!!

Have you seen the Lord? Do you know why He made you glad? Have you come to His resting place?

Contrary to popular opinion ~ being worthy isn’t something you earn it is something you remember and recognize. Recognize means to KNOW AGAIN. That is what sharing the life of Christ is all about; being worthy because He is worthy and we share in His Noble ~ Righteous ~ Nature and Life.

Paul stated in Romans 15:14 that he was convinced with certainty YOU are filled with Goodness and complete in Christ. How did that happen? I keep learning how to ask questions at work and for my walk with God’s Spirit every day. I love the word encore, it means to Return, come again over and over, day by day, year after year, afresh, anew, and always in all ways!! Yikes!! So HOT it’s COOL!!!!

Psalms 18:24 … He HATH returned me and refreshed us according to Christ, His Righteous gift inside you and me!! Psalms 23:3 … He returned and restored my soul to recognize Him and the favor and blessing He is forever keeping covenant for them!!

Goodness means to BE righteous with Christ who is your life and who is your heart. Now this Goodness is what led us to return by the power of His Love!! He even did THAT WORK for us. There is JOY and PEACE when you believe and receive it for your journey each day. Definitely recorded in Philippians 1:6 … finally finished on the Day when Christ Returned with His ENCORE and seeing the standing ovation in heaven and on earth!

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