Christ in us IS the Love of God –

Daily we are His delight! In the Garden of Eden is our heavenly Father and He is making His presence known to us. We are His garden of delight. Eden means His Delight! It’s time to stop hiding and rest abiding in His gracious love and goodness.

Relationship means to be connected by blood, birth, accord, kinship or marriage. His blood is His nature, the Spirit of Holiness and we are training our senses to discern His presence and our connection AS ONE joined together with our Father from the beginning. The Power of the Resurrection raised us all in ONE accord!!

The Cross of Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection made it all possible for us to rest, sealed with the Kiss of Righteousness and Peace.  After seeing with understanding the Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the world; Father placed the Covenant of Mercy and Goodness to be enforced eternally.

The word abiding means to continue and remain united, joined to Him as a branch does a vine. Abiding is something HE DID for us – I simply remain there recovering or should I say uncovering and discovering my true identity.

NOW that is unconditional love sealed with a Kiss of Righteousness and Peace; with His Mercy and Goodness following us all of our days!! Goodness means righteous in heart and in life. Where you treasure IS – THERE your heart will be also. Christ is my righteous treasure and my heart is there IN His perfect holiness to beat to the rhythm of His Love.

Always-N-Joy with a Merry Kissmas!!! Joanne

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Established in Grace

It’s a very good thing for our heart to know we have been established in grace. Grace is the Keeper or Watchman of our salvation.

Now by the same Spirit of Grace we enjoy the same level of unashamed relationship with the Father as Jesus does. Why? Because He prayed that we would know the Love our Father has for us and rest being AS ONE.  Think about it…”Whatever is TRUE of HIM, is TRUE of US in HIM right now.” 1John 2:8 & 4:17

Now that is GOOD NEWS! He is forever loving and enlightening us to His love and SO GREAT SALVATION.

I love searching the unsearchable riches of our inheritance. I found this word peace to be another JOINED AS ONE.

The Greek word Peace #G1515 is eirēnē pronounced ā-rā’-nā means PEACE but also more JOINED AS ONE to PEACE to produce harmony — because peace and harmony make and keep things quiet, safe and prosperous and exemption from the rage and havoc of war.

Faith is to trust and believe – whom or what do we trust in? Are we learning to PUT that trust in Father. We learn by seeking (SEE -King) Him and we study to know where and why we can rest. So with the understanding we get  “in the KNOWING” we can keep yielding our members to Him which has so graciously joined us unto His peace and harmony.

“And the very God of peace [G1515] sanctify you wholly; and your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1Thes. 5:23

I can hear the shout, “Get ready to bloom in a Beautiful Way!”

Always-N-Joy-N-Peace, Joanne

Christ in Us…His Glory!

His Glory is Beautiful!!

His Presence IN you create the Truth about you.

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known; Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which you have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. Luke 12:2-3

James 5 … speaks of His LOVE that covered a multitude of sins and that we are to convert the sinner; convert means to bring one back to love wisdom & righteousness = Christ is the wisdom & the righteousness of God. The word covered means to hinder the very knowledge of sin from our understanding and the ROOT word is TO BE HID. Where did He hide us? We have been hidden in Him before the foundation of the world. When He said, “WHO told you that you were naked?” Naked means uncovered. He was asking who uncovered you? Nothing can separate us from God our Father and His Love, not even nakedness.

Clothed in His Majesty – Always-N-Joy ~ ~ ~ Joanne

I Will Give You Rest

Are you wondering where or when you will really rest?

Walking today in the mall after work – I stopped to look into one of the store windows and over heard voices talking about being tired of all the responsibilities that came with getting married.

He said, “I’m tired of being the one to give and to share, wondering if anyone really cares. This rat race has become to much to bear and just a little cooperation would be nice. Where can we stop tonight for something to help me get some much needed rest?”

Do you know where to rest your heart and your head? Is the burden more than you can sometimes bear?

I think we have heard more than enough times what Jesus has to say. “Come unto Me, all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest for your souls”

But do we know what He was talking about when He stated,  “Take My Yoke upon You?”

His yoke is being joined together AS ONE Spirit. He has reminded the disciples the Spirit of Glory and of God has rested upon you as Father placed Him on Me. There is a river that flows refreshing you from the very Presence of the Lord.

We can see this truth in Matthew 19:6 … What God HATH JOINED together let NO MAN put asunder. The word JOINED here means to Fasten to MY YOKE – united & joined together – Being joined to the Lord IN ONE Spirit is HIS YOKE that is easy & light!! Mark 10:9

Turning towards Him and leaning into what He has placed inside of us on purpose is Christ the anointing and the Holy Presence of our Father. Where ever He is there it is Holy.

Right there IN Christ He has you in a fixed position of rest.   Ask Him tonight to help you relax and be refreshed as you go to sleep knowing He is there. The blessing is sure and ours for the asking with joy and peace promised when we believe.

Always-N-Joy with Love still amazing, Joanne

This LOVE has always been FOR you!

Mountain bike sul Lago di Garda(1)

What kind of adventure are you living?

What kind of life are you hoping for?

The treasure hunt that our Heavenly Father has placed here on purpose for us brings joy and peace when we seek to find Him. The LIFE is Christ and the tokens also called signs are like stones of remembrance or trail markers. The joy is finding these pointers that have been set in the WAY and the TRUTH all aglow showing us the Father and His Love. Love notes all over our days and nights.

I know in the natural I have left plenty of love notes in lunches packed, on sidewalks written with chalk, and even put love notes on letters mailed out for every mailman to remember WHO they are.

One day it hit me — if my heart is so overflowing with Love to put out visible signs for the ones I love, so they can remember – it was a DUH moment with smiles. My Father in heaven, invisible to my natural eyes must have a “visible token” for me to find too!

That day – I squealed, “let the bragging of God’s adventure begin.” Then I started looking for love He placed on purpose for me. Remember, they are there for you too!!

You choose what you gather each day. Whatever you focus on you are sure to find it. What have you been looking for? Or should I ask, what are you expecting to find? The harvest is Christ and fruit always unto eternal life. If you focus on the wrong man instead of marking the perfect man (Psalms 37:37) you gather in vain.

When I travel and minister talking to others they tell me: I’m stressed out, stretched to their limits, working to hard, scared about the future, out of balance, can’t trust anyone these days, leaning into chaos and wishing for more well being, ease, lightness, fun, peace and grace in their lives.

I am looking for Righteousness, Peace and Joy. My King who is Holy, Righteous, Loving, my Faithful Witness, Glorious, Tenderhearted, Merciful, and full of Goodness. That’s just a small portion of what I have found all over this trail. He silenced the false witness and liar by setting the presence of Himself within us.

I took a second look at the Cross and found the Light shining like pieces of silver and gold rocks along the path I am on, for the renown of His Holy Name.

He put forth His Hand upon the ROCK of Christ and He overturns every mountain for me and you, by the ROOTS of His Holiness. They all did drink the same spiritual drink because they drank from that same spiritual Rock which followed them all of their days. That Rock today is still called Christ.

It’s always been this unconditional LOVE is FOR YOU!! Yes, finding His Peace that matters! Always-N-Joy!! Joanne

© Book excerpt from Volume 2 ~ Eyewitness to His Majesty … The Power of the Resurrection