Enlightened with the Light of the Living

Love is God … Life is God … Light is God. We live IN Life, not just life living in us. Love, Light and Life flows through us as it does all of creation. One Love. One Life, and One Light sealed and guaranteed with the life and death of the Lamb of God. When did this happen? We are told from the foundation of the world. Why? So we can rest with peace in a perfect calm assurance. Y

es, Our Prince of Peace finished it so we could know His unconditional love without fear. There is joy and peace when we believe. Job saw the joy upon His face. We are reminded that the joy of the Lord is our strength and joy was upon His face when He rendered unto all mankind His gift of righteousness.

Render means to bring back, return, restore, and refresh. Our Peace Matters! His works are glorious in holiness, and prepared for us before we ever began our journey in this life. Take the plunge! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

Job 33:26; Matt. 13:35 & 25:34; Hebrews 4:3; Revelation 13:8; Ephesians 4;5; Philippians 1:27; Romans 5:17