Joy and Peace on Earth

Jesus did not come to make God’s Love possible but to make Father’s Love Visible. His birth, death for us and as us, along with the power of His resurrection life confirmed the truth for us from the beginning. One Man, One Lamb, and One plan… Once and for all sealed with His Covenants of Love, Peace, Mercy, Union, and Holiness unto the Lord.

Knowing and trusting HIM that we are ONE now, helps us take a deep breath knowing there is nothing that needs to be done but rest in the works of His Hands. He has said, it is finished, blessed, sanctified, and called it holy for us!! ;♥) … and God Winks.

Jude 24 reminds us by saying, “Now to Him that is able to guard you from stumbling. He has SET you IN HIM, who is the Presence of His Glory and you are without blemish in exceeding joy.” Without blemish? Yes, He is Holy! Since the root is holy the branches BE HOLY too! Christ IN YOU is your Hope and His Glory!! He abides and remains as one with us even when we cannot believe it is true. Why? Because He is Faithful and cannot and will not deny Himself. Yes, Your Peace Matters! He calls you HOLY!

There is joy & peace when we believe … but what are you choosing to believe? Faith is when I trust and believe Him with my heart and my hands open to receive His provision. He remains as the Faithful One even when we cannot rest or relax enough to know, see or feel His giant size grip of Grace. Why? Timothy knew His will and purpose was to have Christ gifted inside every man. The Hidden Treasure now abiding in our earthen vessels to enjoy this day He has made IN Glory. His will has been done on earth as it is in heaven. Oh what LOVE!

2 Timothy 2:13-15; Romans 11:16 & 15:13; Colossians 1:27

Excerpt from my 2nd book The Power of His Resurrection. All copyrights reserved ©

His Glory, Hope & Beauty!

Prayer … Remembering in this powerful day the knowledge of His Glory being seen in all the earth … His Glory, Hope and Beauty – Christ in you!!

Father, we declare and testify to the truth that YOU alone are the Source of Light, the Life within, the Air we breathe, and the Bread of Heaven by which we are sustained. The Living River of Water which renews, restores, and keeps us clean; and the Voice with the sound of a perfect love with no fear. YOU are spotless and we share joined as one-yoked-in union with the Eternal Father. Just men made perfect with justice for ALL.

Oh how mighty and wonder-full YOU are to cover us! Tenderly with kindness as ONE who watches over tiny plants growing in a garden; powered with light and life freely given to bear up under any circumstance or weather. May our precious hearts know your truth and our identity in YOU! May we be encouraged to turn and return to view YOUR majesty that is so secure, lofty, sinless, glorious, and our daily benefit. YOU have freed us forever from any guilty stain or shame. May we know with surety to rest in the Peace of Your Eternal Love! That love which is never moved or shaken and with a strong knowing that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from YOU. We are exactly the way YOU created us to be. We declare and testify, “So it is in Heaven so let it be seen in Earth.” In the Name and the Nature that IS Holy… Christ Jesus, Amen, Amen, and Amen!!

With His unlimited capacity to love –

Always-N-Joy, Joanne


Nourished UP in Him this morning!

Stirred UP to remember His yoke IS UNION … what God hath joined together let no man put asunder [asunder means to separate, divorce, or divide].He hates divorce was to the wandering children of Israel who went about establishing there own ways of righteousness. Setting up vain ways to join themselves to God in their own understanding; instead of just trust and believe they were IN HIM Holy and blessed to possess the Holy land. Christ is the Holy One – the Fit Man – the Perfect Lamb – the One Rock IN whom we stand.

His JOY – This is That – is He has rendered unto ALL men His Righteousness [Christ as all in all] and that is the JOY seen on His face, the favor, the Power of the Resurrection, and our shared strength with Peace to abound IN ONE sound.

Always-N-Joy, Joanne

He Healed Them All!

In MY Name Heal Them ALL!!!

The word healing means to restore, renew, remember – health, wholeness, and purity.

Jesus was anointed to preach the Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and of our Christ. The Gospel of the Kingdom is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Spirit of Holiness.

The Spirit of Holiness is who raised us up ALL from out of the grave to walk in this newness of His abundant life. Take up His BED which is undefiled and walk, live knowing He is THERE in you! Where He is -THERE is HOLY!!

Holiness IS what made us PURE in heart and in Life so that we can SEE the Kingdom and SEE the Goodness and Love of our Father which is in heaven.

Jesus removed every manner of sickness, disease and all the lies that would torment us by the very PRESENCE of Love and His Glory which is Christ in US.

Now for us to BE still and KNOW His Name which is Holy. All that Jesus did was to show us the Purpose and Passion with the Power provided by Our Father from the beginning.

… And on the 7th Day Father sanctified and made THAT DAY – PURE and HOLY and instructed us to Keep the Sabbath Holy!! This IS that!!

Sanctified means pure, holy, separated from sin and guilt.

Did you HEAR that? Can you SEE that? He forever separated us from sin and guilt never from HIM and His goodness, love, grace or mercies grip!!

He HAS COME and healed them ALL by shining the LIGHT of His Glory that has made us AS ONE new man to rise each morning IN His Name that is Hallowed and Wonderful! Oh Yes!! His 2nd coming REMEMBERED in HIS Holy creation!!

Loud and clear Holiness forever established to rise and BE HOLY and BE Healed in His Name!!!

Behold the Beauty He shares with you and with me this precious morning!

Always-N-Joy with peace for today’s journey, Joanne

Christ in Us…His Glory!

His Glory is Beautiful!!

His Presence IN you create the Truth about you.

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known; Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which you have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. Luke 12:2-3

James 5 … speaks of His LOVE that covered a multitude of sins and that we are to convert the sinner; convert means to bring one back to love wisdom & righteousness = Christ is the wisdom & the righteousness of God. The word covered means to hinder the very knowledge of sin from our understanding and the ROOT word is TO BE HID. Where did He hide us? We have been hidden in Him before the foundation of the world. When He said, “WHO told you that you were naked?” Naked means uncovered. He was asking who uncovered you? Nothing can separate us from God our Father and His Love, not even nakedness.

Clothed in His Majesty – Always-N-Joy ~ ~ ~ Joanne

It’s a Beautiful Morning!

It’s a Beautiful Morning!

In Genesis – He said, “By MYSELF have I sworn these things.

As we have received the Mercy of God it says that we faint not. The Covenant of Mercy is in place for God’s sovereignty to rule and reign in truth.

“And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we will reap since we faint not.” Galatians 6:9

This word “NOT’ added after “we faint not” – is there because it is an adverb of negation meaning No – Not – Never will we faint. Why, because He has promised He will do all these things Himself and working together for the good of all in His Love. He will manifest His promise of Christ in each and every man. He will not – no – never fail not one word will fall void but every word producing fruit unto eternal life.

This word “in well” doing means beautiful by reason of purity of heart and life, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable, noble, AS ONE ought to be.

Let me remind you we looked at this word “goodness” of God and goodness means to be righteous, upright in heart and life. It was Jesus’ job, purpose and reason for being sent. He completed it and we reap the benefits. This is unconditional love in eternal motion 24/7/forever! 

When I turn, to taste and see then my mouth gives thanks and praise unto the King of Glory! What we believe is what we repeat. There is joy and peace when we believe the truth.

Christ IN us IS already all things we will ever need & everything that pleases the Father perfectly for perfect peace to reign within us. We can resist and refuse to be comforted but His Love is still ruling and reigning. We are ONE and He cannot deny Himself.

Now being Restored-Renewed-Refreshed by the Power and Presence of God IN me I AM healed, delivered and rich. He is my good treasure in this earthen vessel – CHRIST is the Power, Presence, Portion, Purpose & Provision for all I AM today.

Now well able to rest and have my being in Joy and Peace.

Always-N-joy because what He started … He finished!

… and for all of us in this beautiful morning! Joanne

Latter Rain – When He Reigns it Pours!

The Former Rain was when the Manna Fell in the Wilderness for them every morning. The Bread of His Presence & they said, what is it?

The Latter Rain is is the Message of His Righteousness & people who know what it is.

Christ in US is the Bread of His Presence, His Glory and the knowledge of it is Christ now covering the whole earth.

When He reigns it Pours!! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

JOY now speakable and FULL of Glory

This is the day for us to follow our hearts knowing we are gonna make it! How? By knowing we remain as one through His faithfulness. Oh yes, with His amazing love and it will still be “daily” resting in this moment that is holy!

The root is what puts the fruit on the tree. Our roots BE HOLY and the branches BE holy too. But without knowledge of the ROOT – we can do nothing. Christ IN us is the Root that BE HOLY.

That is why we receive with meekness the engrafted WORD which is well able to save our souls. James 1:21 By His death He reconciled us & by His life we are saved. Romans 5:10 …the finished works of ONE man. There is joy and peace when we believe. Sealed with a Holy kiss and the Covenant of His Mercy which keeps His love unconditional.

Jesus saved the world – we were never instructed to go save the world – but when we are converted GO strengthen your brothers. Love and feed them because Love is moving and having His being IN us all. Luke 22:32 … Fathers have known Him from the beginning. Even the Good News in the Gospels begin each book with they are going to show and explain the Gospel from the beginning. Convert the sinner in James 5 means to bring one back to Love, Wisdom, and Righteousness. Christ is the Love, Wisdom, Power and Righteousness of God. Even Leviticus 19:15 was instructing the priesthood to “Judge your neighbor in Christ.”

Still the One man plan because of the Lamb. In one all died and in one all have been made alive. The sovereign reign of  God our Father has prepared us for peaceful living in rest that is full of JOY. God our Father even sealed it with a Covenant of Oath and His noble blood and said, I will even remember FOR THEM. What a mighty God we serve!

Father’s have known Him from the beginning … Praise God for Our Savior born in the manger to show us the way. To be that visible expression of an invisible truth, His Royal Mandate unmovable and cannot by nullified. Confirming and proving nothing can separate us from the Love and Life of God.

Merry Christmas and a Silent Night because of His Holy Gift within us, His Delight!! Always-N-Joy ~ Joanne