A Life Built on Faith

What are you building into your life each day?

So many things I see around me in the natural that are under construction. Beliefs are continually under construction. Advertising is trying to get our attention and to believe “it’s the real thing.”

Faith means to trust and believe. More importantly in whom or what have we put our trust in?

The focus of our attention in this world is forever changing. Having a life built on Faith is trusting the truth of God’s word to be forever settled in heaven and on earth. In heaven is the invisible and on earth is the visible.

We can experience a knowing in our heart that all is well. Our Father is forever satisfied and well pleased with us.

It doesn’t matter how strong we are. We all have down times or what I call needing a mental health day. What’s important is to hold onto hope. Christ in us is the Hope to anchor each thought. A stronghold is only a mindset that has believed a lie.

It’s time to be kind to your mind. No fight is needed even that has been completed. It only takes the letting go of the old to make room for the new. Return your focus to the Light and Love is letting go of those lies.

Lies that no longer serve you anything but stress and worry to feel driven and hurried. The truth is Love and it does feel good. It is peaceable and patient. Patience is the fruit of trust which circles us right back to Faith.

God’s Love is present IN us to know He is patient with us. I believe in strengthening my life built on Faith.

Happy Fall Y’all!

Always-N-Joy, Joanne