Joy and Peace on Earth

Jesus did not come to make God’s Love possible but to make Father’s Love Visible. His birth, death for us and as us, along with the power of His resurrection life confirmed the truth for us from the beginning. One Man, One Lamb, and One plan… Once and for all sealed with His Covenants of Love, Peace, Mercy, Union, and Holiness unto the Lord.

Knowing and trusting HIM that we are ONE now, helps us take a deep breath knowing there is nothing that needs to be done but rest in the works of His Hands. He has said, it is finished, blessed, sanctified, and called it holy for us!! ;♥) … and God Winks.

Jude 24 reminds us by saying, “Now to Him that is able to guard you from stumbling. He has SET you IN HIM, who is the Presence of His Glory and you are without blemish in exceeding joy.” Without blemish? Yes, He is Holy! Since the root is holy the branches BE HOLY too! Christ IN YOU is your Hope and His Glory!! He abides and remains as one with us even when we cannot believe it is true. Why? Because He is Faithful and cannot and will not deny Himself. Yes, Your Peace Matters! He calls you HOLY!

There is joy & peace when we believe … but what are you choosing to believe? Faith is when I trust and believe Him with my heart and my hands open to receive His provision. He remains as the Faithful One even when we cannot rest or relax enough to know, see or feel His giant size grip of Grace. Why? Timothy knew His will and purpose was to have Christ gifted inside every man. The Hidden Treasure now abiding in our earthen vessels to enjoy this day He has made IN Glory. His will has been done on earth as it is in heaven. Oh what LOVE!

2 Timothy 2:13-15; Romans 11:16 & 15:13; Colossians 1:27

Excerpt from my 2nd book The Power of His Resurrection. All copyrights reserved ©