YOU are FULL of Miracles!!


… In Isaiah it proclaims that His Name is WONDERFUL. Wonderful means FULL of miracles. If we share in all things with Him and we do, then we have miracles IN US too.

When He said in Psalms 23 the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want for any good thing ~ it is talking about I will not need anything to MAKE ME COMPLETE … He has already made us thoroughly furnished with everything within us flowing out of us. We are seeing from the viewpoint of “It is Finished” and explaining HOW did the work get done. Oh the beauty of His Glory to rest with ease in perfect love without fear.

Who will trouble the waters for me?

John 5:4 speaks of the Angel that went down at a certain season into the pool of Bethesda and “troubled” the water and after the troubling of water those who stepped in was made whole of whatever disease they had..

This word “troubled” is the same word to stir up and to move. It is also found in Acts 17:28 “In Him we live and move and have our being.” Christ in YOU is also the gift of the stirrer and the gift of the Angel inside of the Gift of the River of healing Life inside of us. Just “Let it BE” Perfect!!

He has already put all things in divine order FOR THEM all so they can celebrate with joy and gladness for the goodness He HAS done. Only believe to see the glory of the Lord.