This LOVE has always been FOR you!

Mountain bike sul Lago di Garda(1)

What kind of adventure are you living?

What kind of life are you hoping for?

The treasure hunt that our Heavenly Father has placed here on purpose for us brings joy and peace when we seek to find Him. The LIFE is Christ and the tokens also called signs are like stones of remembrance or trail markers. The joy is finding these pointers that have been set in the WAY and the TRUTH all aglow showing us the Father and His Love. Love notes all over our days and nights.

I know in the natural I have left plenty of love notes in lunches packed, on sidewalks written with chalk, and even put love notes on letters mailed out for every mailman to remember WHO they are.

One day it hit me — if my heart is so overflowing with Love to put out visible signs for the ones I love, so they can remember – it was a DUH moment with smiles. My Father in heaven, invisible to my natural eyes must have a “visible token” for me to find too!

That day – I squealed, “let the bragging of God’s adventure begin.” Then I started looking for love He placed on purpose for me. Remember, they are there for you too!!

You choose what you gather each day. Whatever you focus on you are sure to find it. What have you been looking for? Or should I ask, what are you expecting to find? The harvest is Christ and fruit always unto eternal life. If you focus on the wrong man instead of marking the perfect man (Psalms 37:37) you gather in vain.

When I travel and minister talking to others they tell me: I’m stressed out, stretched to their limits, working to hard, scared about the future, out of balance, can’t trust anyone these days, leaning into chaos and wishing for more well being, ease, lightness, fun, peace and grace in their lives.

I am looking for Righteousness, Peace and Joy. My King who is Holy, Righteous, Loving, my Faithful Witness, Glorious, Tenderhearted, Merciful, and full of Goodness. That’s just a small portion of what I have found all over this trail. He silenced the false witness and liar by setting the presence of Himself within us.

I took a second look at the Cross and found the Light shining like pieces of silver and gold rocks along the path I am on, for the renown of His Holy Name.

He put forth His Hand upon the ROCK of Christ and He overturns every mountain for me and you, by the ROOTS of His Holiness. They all did drink the same spiritual drink because they drank from that same spiritual Rock which followed them all of their days. That Rock today is still called Christ.

It’s always been this unconditional LOVE is FOR YOU!! Yes, finding His Peace that matters! Always-N-Joy!! Joanne

© Book excerpt from Volume 2 ~ Eyewitness to His Majesty … The Power of the Resurrection