JOY now speakable and FULL of Glory

This is the day for us to follow our hearts knowing we are gonna make it! How? By knowing we remain as one through His faithfulness. Oh yes, with His amazing love and it will still be “daily” resting in this moment that is holy!

The root is what puts the fruit on the tree. Our roots BE HOLY and the branches BE holy too. But without knowledge of the ROOT – we can do nothing. Christ IN us is the Root that BE HOLY.

That is why we receive with meekness the engrafted WORD which is well able to save our souls. James 1:21 By His death He reconciled us & by His life we are saved. Romans 5:10 …the finished works of ONE man. There is joy and peace when we believe. Sealed with a Holy kiss and the Covenant of His Mercy which keeps His love unconditional.

Jesus saved the world – we were never instructed to go save the world – but when we are converted GO strengthen your brothers. Love and feed them because Love is moving and having His being IN us all. Luke 22:32 … Fathers have known Him from the beginning. Even the Good News in the Gospels begin each book with they are going to show and explain the Gospel from the beginning. Convert the sinner in James 5 means to bring one back to Love, Wisdom, and Righteousness. Christ is the Love, Wisdom, Power and Righteousness of God. Even Leviticus 19:15 was instructing the priesthood to “Judge your neighbor in Christ.”

Still the One man plan because of the Lamb. In one all died and in one all have been made alive. The sovereign reign of  God our Father has prepared us for peaceful living in rest that is full of JOY. God our Father even sealed it with a Covenant of Oath and His noble blood and said, I will even remember FOR THEM. What a mighty God we serve!

Father’s have known Him from the beginning … Praise God for Our Savior born in the manger to show us the way. To be that visible expression of an invisible truth, His Royal Mandate unmovable and cannot by nullified. Confirming and proving nothing can separate us from the Love and Life of God.

Merry Christmas and a Silent Night because of His Holy Gift within us, His Delight!! Always-N-Joy ~ Joanne