Love Worth Spreading

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Change can happen within 15 minutes, which can make life seem so daily. Even the skies can be blue, with or without clouds and then suddenly there are rain showers.

I believe our lives in Christ is always and can be experienced as a daily Holiday. Most of us love the seasons when there are special holidays shared. I know I do! The sounds of music, parades, plays, concerts, joy, laughter, giving, and caring. In Christ and His abundant life every day can have the sound of Holidays. Just ask yourself, where is my focus?

Love makes it possible for us to be able to rest in perfect peace. It is religion that has tormented the people in fear and to think someone may spend eternity in hell, purgatory, or limbo.

No, I don’t know where “limbo” is. But I do know where the heart of Our Father is. It is set in His workmanship, unconditional LOVE, teeming with life, with truth and grace, and served daily within tender mercies. Solomon expressed Father’s heart shown toward his father David as “exuding mercy” His greatest kindness set in a Covenant Oath of Peace. That is why everything has been completed, and thoroughly furnished and finished FTB. (From the Beginning).

Psalms 37:37 …”Mark the perfect man and behold His righteousness; for the end of that man is perfect peace.”

Sin means to miss the mark. What mark did they miss? Marking the perfect man and treasuring in their hearts the face of God’s image and likeness. Jesus took our sins that caused us to miss the mark and feasting on the tree of life which is holy, perfect, and complete. Now to walk with our shepherd repeating , “I shall not want for anything that needs to complete me.”

The Cross-Word “mark” means to keep, guard and treasure up in your memory. No wonder Jesus said, “Do this to remember Me.” He was the Perfect Man,  the Perfect Lamb and the Perfect Mind of Christ.

This is the same word used in Genesis 2:15 when God told Adam FTB (from the beginning) … God put the Man in the garden and said now tend to the garden, dress and keep it. Also, in Genesis 3:24 …the flaming sword which is the Word of God and Christ Jesus, to keep the Way of the Tree of Life.

The Lord delights in us and calls us “Asher” which means happy, blessed and highly favored of the Lord. I love this Cross-Word because it also show us why we should be happy and why it makes us favored. We get understanding in looking at the root word  for Asher. It means to BE made happy and blessed because He set us “straight” and “upright” which is righteous. I can happy dance on that buzz worthy piece of Good News.

He is leading and guiding us in the Way of Life. To feel at home, to boldly come daily to share His feast of Holy Days with Him now. Hosea 2:19 & 20 He said, I have betrothed thee unto ME forever in Righteousness, and in righteous judgments unto victory. Can you see and hear the sounds of how He is drawing you? Exceeding unending love, tender mercies, truth, and loving kindness, day and night in faithfulness. Oh yeah, and ALL shall know the Lord, from the least to the greatest.

Goodness that leads us to change our mind means to be righteous in our heart and in our life. Christ is the righteous gift He placed within us.

In Christ righteousness and holiness without blame before Him all the days of our lives. Knowing Him and that our peace matters! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

Genesis 2:15; 1 Timothy 2:5; 2 Timothy 2:13-15; Song of Solomon 1:4; Isaiah 5:12; Amos 3:3; Luke 1:74-79; Hebrews 8:11; Romans 5:17-20

© All copyrights reserved – excerpts from Eyewitness to His Majesty ~ The Power Of His Resurrection by Joanne Patek


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