?… The Mighty Power IN His Right Hand

Heart with golden light beams


Have you heard about the Power that’s IN His Right Hand?

Have you been shown where and upon whom to make your stand?

His power is glorious in holiness doing wonders. Exodus 15: 11

His Name Wonderful means full of miracles and surprises. Isaiah 9:6
The POWER of YOUR right hand SAVES me. Psalms 138:7
His right hand is lifted high in glorious strength. Psalms 89:13

Your right hand oh Lord smashes the enemy. Exodus 15:6

Your strong right hand holds me securely and is filled with victory! Psalms 48:10

Nothing but sanctification and His tender mercies can account for my being or my well being.

All the words of His mouth are in Christ Righteousness. James declares, Wisdom from above is first pure then peaceable and easily entreated.

In His right hand are pleasures forever more. Christ the Righteousness of God is the mighty power IN HIS right hand.

Can you BE BOLD enough to declare? No more sin, No more sickness has any power greater than the love of God that HAS me securely held by His strength and power!! The world talks about coming clean, overcoming addictions, and getting a clean bill of health.

Jesus said, “YOU ARE CLEAN right now by the Power of His Christ Spirit of Holiness IN YOU!! We just turn to give thanks. It is finished! I need not beg and plead for heaven come down and do something. I need to repeat the report of the Lord. I AM CLEAN!

Remember Moses was asked of God, “What is in your hand?” Christ is in YOUR hand today and everyday!! Stop letting your fears get in the way of the Powerful Christ that is within you and the Kingdom of God. The high praises in their mouth was for the perfect holiness and beauty of His glory, which is Christ in you. Sing this new song – It is what smashed all their enemies before them. Your enemies have ALL been removed already for you to see no more tears and no more sorrows. Don’t wait till tomorrow – SHOUT the Victory is Mine today!! Get someone to shout with you!! TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!!! Surely our Peace Matters to Him!

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