The Tabernacle is Sanctified by My Presence

God's glory our joy

God does not work “with time” but “with eternity” where His works have been completed from the beginning. Even said if you pollute them in any way I MYSELF have sanctified them. Natural man cannot wreck what God HATH made holy, pure, and innocent from the beginning.

John said, For their sake they share in my sanctification which is TRUTH. Paul said, I commend you to His Grace (Christ Jesus is the Grace Gift) which is The Spirit of Holiness sanctifying you 24/7/365 with your inheritance which is among them all.

Christ in you is the Glory of His Presence gifted, treasured, and hidden within you. Just turn toward the Light of His glorious love and He receives you like the Prodigal Son. Always begotten of God never forgotten.

See Acts 20:32; Ezekiel 28:22 & 36:23; John 17:19 & Romans 1:4 & 15:16; Exodus 29:43

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