The Way Out … Made FOR THEM

Rainbow a double one too

Exodus means the way out. There are so many places that testify to what HE HAS done FOR THEM. He made righteous linen garments for them for glory and beauty. Glorious in His Holiness.

Christ is the righteousness and glory gift inside of us.

Those that did not Come to the Wedding when called believed they were not worthy. ¬†ALL things HAVE been made ready, but they didn’t come. He clothed them in linen garments which is the righteousness of the saints.

He made an atonement FOR THEM to cleanse them. Making us ONE together with Him cleansed us ONCE and FOR all time. Jesus told Paul, Don’t call dirty or common what I have cleansed. You are now clean through Christ the Glorious Word which He hath spoken. We are now joined as one spirit made to be keepers of the light; bringing His love, light and life. Oh Yes, Our Peace Matters! Joanne

Matthew 22:8; Exodus 28:40; Revelation 19:8; Leviticus 4:20 & 19:15; Numbers 8:21; John 15:3; 1 Corinthians 5:7

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