The Whole World is still in His Hands

He quieted the earth with the SOUTH wind.

The whole earth IS AT Rest, IS QUIET: they break forth into singing, gladness, and rejoicing because of JOY. Isaiah 14:7 The JOY of the Lord is that HE HAS rendered UNTO ALL men His Righteousness.

The 12 tribes of Israel are for our edification to know what we have inherited IN Christ by looking at their Names, Banners, Stones, Garments and placement around the Tabernacle at rest; plus so much more!

In the South is Reuben – EYES that see & behold the SON provided for my affliction – Simeon -has the EARS to hear with acceptance & Father is well pleased. Gad – is the overcoming troop that also says whose FORTUNE has comerich toward God and in Mercy and the river/ stream of GOD that makes us glad —-

Oh yeah Always-N-Joy!! Job 37:17… Joanne

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