We Believe What we Tell Ourselves

Are you thinking about changing a few things this New Year?

The greatest turn around can be when you believe and repeat the Report of the Lord!

What is the report of the Lord? Wow … where do I begin? Well, He put His covenants in unshakable peace so we would walk before Him in love without fear bringing us much JOY. We can begin with God is WITH them and IN them to be FOR THEM. He is in us because He cannot and will not deny Himself. We are one joined unto the Lord and His Spirit.

The Ark of the Covenant went out before them in a 3 days Journey to search out a resting place FOR THEM. (Numbers 10:30)

A reconnaissance mission was sent to go ahead of them to spy out the land; 10 of them brought back an evil report. The word EVIL here means a report that says that land “eats up the inhabitants” to devour, burn up and consume by fire. Sound like a report of HELL. Just sayin’ … you go look at it and see what they should have come and said. (Numbers 13:32) The report should have been Jesus became as the wicked man on the Cross and David said in Psalms that the wicked was made as hell. Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave for us. Father said, I will even remember for you! The promised land is the Man Christ Jesus our Lord of Righteousness.

The other 2 witnesses came back saying “we are well able” to possess this land.

You have not as yet come to the REST and to the inheritance which the Lord your God GIVETH to you! (Deuteronomy 12:9) Why? Because they were believing the wrong report. The report of the Lord was … In Truth you HAVE been promised this Goodness!

You can change what you tell yourself and report to others. Good News Reporter!!
I am believing …

God’s tender mercies are over all His works. I am a work of His Heart!
I am walking before Him in Truth with great mercy and righteousness.
I am not just lovable but I am Love.
The Time is NOW.

May you begin this New Year 2013 with a new story and a new report. It is guarantee to be the wind that empowers you to reach a New Port of Call!! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

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