What is God’s Joy that He made to be our Strength?

… You all rejoice with Joy unspeakable being full of Christ His Glory: Unspeakable means to be IN a completion that is indescribable.

Again the Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a Treasure hidden in the field. Christ is the Kingdom of Heaven and also called our Holy Justice Habitation. The field is Christ, white with the harvest of His holy, pure, sacred life, light, love and lamb. We are encouraged to enter into the Joy of the Lord and allow His joy to be our strength too. His JOY is Christ.

When we hear the Word of God we are exhorted to receive it with Joy. That word is that we have been accepted into the beloved. Right now approved and well pleasing because of Christ hidden within us.

The Joy of the Lord is seen in Job 33:23-26 & Romans 5:14-21 I’m paraphrasing …” if and there is, a messenger to show unto man his righteousness; he finds God to be gracious and has realized the blessing shouting I found his ransom. We have already received the favorable report that God is well pleased with us because of the Lamb of God and his blood cries Holy. The JOY is seen on His face ¬†because He rendered unto all mankind His righteous Gift of Christ within us. This a HUGE!!! Rendered means to repent, return back to God, restore, refresh, repair and bring back to mind. This was included in IT IS FINISHED!! Anything we think God requires of me it was completed and paid in full so we could dance with JOY!!! Are you dancing yet??

It’s always been established from the beginning … God’s one man plan. He provided Himself the Lamb to silence the Liar with the Truth. He also was the HAIL sent to remove the refuge of lies. That is why He is called MY REFUGE!! We can see this also in the death and life of one man; the Man Christ Jesus. Also, we see this in the sign of the sinless unleavened Bread and holy noble Wine. In the first Adam all die and in the Last Adam all are made alive because of the righteous gift of Christ Jesus our Lord. Even the First Adam was a type and shadow of Christ who was to come. Disobedience also means to hear amiss and unbelief. Obedience means to trust and believe. Jesus even paid the price for our unbelief and was raised up into newness of life for us with fruit unto eternal life.

That is why we rejoice knowing Jesus did the work for us from the beginning knowing our ears must hear the truth to obey with gladness and joy in our hearts. He paid the price in full for our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our tongue to speak and repeat His truth and glory. To cleanse the lepers so they cry Holy instead of unclean, and to raise up the dead in Christ who have no knowledge of God. Father established us and planted us in Christ His garden of delight. We are His peculiar people. Peculiar means to hide the treasure of the King in a safe place. Oh yes, called His chosen generation, His royal priesthood, and Holy nation.

… May you experience JOY this holiday like no other. He even died to pay the price for our unbelief sealed with a Covenant of Mercy to keep His Love for us all unconditional!! Now that’s Good News to Rest and be Merry!! Yes, there is Joy and Peace when you believe! I hope you dance because your Peace Matters to Him and there is Peace on Earth goodwill towards all!

Happy Holy Days … From all of us at Always-N-Joy! Joanne


Excerpt from Eyewitness to His Majesty ~ The Power of the Resurrection © all copyrights are reserved.

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