Why? Because …You’re Facing the Wrong Giant

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Why? Because …You’re Facing the Wrong Giant

I hear frequently, Can you help us communicate? Can you help us understand how to disagree and deal with hurt? I can most of the time, if they are willing to concede to some fun game rules; without quenching the fire of passion and killing the reasons they fell in love.

I think that as women many times we think of our husband as THE ISSUE instead of thinking of them as the man that we love. He is human, will make mistakes, and does forgets things. Just like we do ladies. We can apply this to parent-child, manager-coworkers and in most up close and all personal relationships. That would be like “facing the wrong giant.”

What if, instead of standing across from him as if he is the opponent in a football game, you stood beside him, on the same team, facing the issue  instead of making him the issue. This could completely change the way you look at what I call sins, issues, bills and boxes in your marriage or relationships!

We are joined together as one with the same spirit so we can each live knowing we are accepted and valued most precious. When you decide to tackle a giant like “We are on the same team” it CAN bring the two of you closer together. Yes, you CAN then work toward the same goal. Stop arguing about non-essential things, and resolve opposing each other at every step.

Remember, have a container of white flags or your own team colors; to throw as the penalty flag when someone gets hurt, blow the whistle, and call out your favorite sport penalty. Like “roughing the kicker” or “intentional grounding.” I’m sure sure you can think of more. The key is to just do it! This helps to throw aside the “fault” quickly ~ forgive ~ let go ~ reach out to give your hand to help them up ~slap each other on the bottom ~ and get right back into the game. No need to walk in unforgiveness for a day, week or years.

God joined us as one, forgave, saved, and loves us so we could fail without lasting penalties and get back in the game to enjoy our life.

Yes, Our Peace Matters! …so we can walk together in grace and mercy!  Always-N-Joy, Joanne

1 Corinthians 6:17; Psalms 85:2 & 10;Isaiah 33:24; Luke 6:37 & 1:75; Ephesians 4:32; Romans 5:10-20


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