YES, you are Already All Ready!!

Good News
They were to know and build the House, which we are with “Lively Stones MADE READY”. Made ready is Hebrew Shalem H8003 from Shalom the Covenant of Peace …to BE complete, safe, peaceful, whole, finished in a perfect peace made with Perfect LOVE!!

“And the house was built of stone made ready before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building.” 1 Kings 6:7

We are not being hammered on by God to Grow Up into who we are IN HIM with no sin. There is no sound of WORK in His PURE Christ consciousness. It is Finished and we are in Perfect Love with no sound of Pharaoh’s chariots racing after us. All things have been MADE READY and are right now at hand and within us to have a feast with our King!! Sit down and relax in His Presence! Oh Yes! Always-N-Joy, Joanne

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